The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5279

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5279-Yuvin did not agree to Thea’s request. To him and the Mevryees, James was insignificant. More still, Thea was also just a disposable asset to the Mevryees.

Thus, he couldn’t agree to her request.

Thea felt helpless. She frowned, thinking about what to do. She had to prevent James from looking for Ulus. Otherwise, he would have to confront the Mevryees’ powerhouses and would die.

James and Lemuel finished reading the ancient book.

Although the book mentioned the Four Ancient Races, it did not mention their strength. Therefore, neither James nor Lemuel were aware of how strong they were. Despite that, they could tell the Ancient Four Races were powerful. They had existed way before planes had even formed and had lived for so long. It was only natural for them to overpower the planes’ powerhouses.

James looked at Lemuel and asked smilingly, “What do you think? Do you want to venture into the Dark World’s depths and meet the Primevals and the Four Ancient Races?”

Lemuel replied with a smile, “I’m quite intrigued. However, you should wait until the Supremusseum’s event is over.”

“Alright.” James nodded.

The two waited patiently in the Supremusseum for the Supremusse Lotus to bloom.

Meanwhile, Thea and Yuvin also waited outside the universe.

Thea looked at Yuvin and asked, “When will you take action?”

Yuvin said smilingly, “We’ll have to wait for the Supremusse Lotus to bloom.

Although its energy is already abundant before it fully matures, it’s not as good as when it blooms. The Supremusse Lotus’ quality is outstanding. If I can obtain it, I’ll probably reach the Holy Celestial Rank’s middle stage after cultivating for a while.”

Thea looked at Yuvin pleadingly. “Please, Mr. Yuvin…”

Yuvin waved his hand and said, “I know. You want to give the Supremusse Lotus to James. I didn’t mean to take it for myself. Plus, at my cultivation rank, Empyrean herbs can’t help me improve. I’ll still need to rely on my comprehension abilities. I’ll give the Supremusse Lotus to James. Take it as the Mevryee’s way of making it up to you.”

Thea sighed in relief.

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye, and the Supremusse Lotus was about to bloom.

In the past years, the Supremusseum’s powerhouses have been carefully surveying their territory, as well as watching the powerhouses that have entered the Supremusseum.

However, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and they could not find out who had infiltrated the forbidden area.

Soon, the Supremusse Lotus was about to bloom.

The Supremusseum invited the powerhouses to head over to where the Supremusse Lotus was being kept and wait for it to bloom.

In the void ahead, there was a rooted lotus.

The Supremusse Lotus had stunning and colorful cloudshaped petals. Even though it had not fully bloomed, it was already a fantastic view.


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