The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5280

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5280-“Amazing.” “The Supremusse Lotus is a rare treasure. I heard the Supremusseum’s founder acquired the Supremusse Lotus from a forbidden area in the Dark World. When he brought it back, only its roots were left. He used the Genesis Power of countless planes to nourish and revitalize it.”

“Yeap, that’s right.”

“The air here contains the Genesis Powers of countless planes. The Supremusseum’s founder personally set up the formation here, which continuously provides the Supremusse Lotus with energy.”

“Whenever the Supremusse Lotus blooms, the Supremusseum would only harvest the flower and won’t damage its roots.”

Many discussions about the Supremusse Lotus broke out. Even the Supremusse Lotus’ origin was shared.

James also stood amongst the crowd. He looked at the Supremusse Lotus with furrowed brows. His initial plan was to uproot the Supremusse Lotus since it was the Supremusseum’s core.

It would benefit him greatly to uproot the Supremusse Lotus. However, Lemuel had refused to help him. With James’ current strength, it was impossible for him to stand against the Supremusseum.

A few magical clouds gathered together and formed into the Supremusse Lotus’ petals.

Suddenly, a multicolored ray permeated the sky and illuminated the area. It was a beautiful sight, as if straight out of a fairytale.

“The Supremusse Lotus has bloomed!”

“What a breathtaking sight.” i “Quick! We should cultivate now.”

“It’s rumored all of the plane’s Genesis Paths would merge when the Supremusse Lotus blooms. It’s the perfect time to cultivate the other planes’ Genesis Paths.”

Many powerhouses sat in lotus positions on the ground and began to cultivate.

Although it was an excellent opportunity for the others, it meant nothing to James.

James had cast a formation in the area and nourished the Supremusse Lotus in the past so the Supremusseum’s members could improve.

Quirijn smiled after seeing the powerhouses sitting on the ground. His ego had been greatly satisfied.

Thea and Yuvin watched from outside the Supreme Universe.

Thea looked at Yuvin and asked, “Can you take action now?”

Yuvin nodded and said, “Yeah. It’s time. You should leave first. I’ll go grab the Supremusse Lotus and come look for you.”

Thea nodded lightly and left the area.

Yuvin stepped forward and entered the Supreme Universe. In a short moment, he arrived at the spiritual mountain where the Supremusseum was located.

The Supremusseum usually had a protective formation set up around the area.

However, they had deactivated it to hold the grand event. They were not afraid of other forces invading them.

Yuvin strode forward and soon arrived where the Supremusse Lotus was.

“Haha. The Supremusse Lotus is wonderful. Its energy is so abundant, and the sight of it in full bloom is wonderful.”

While the countless powerhouses tried to cultivate, a burst of laughter resounded in the area. Everyone raised their heads and looked toward the source of the voice.

An ordinary-looking man in a black robe floated ahead, looking at them calmly with his hand behind his back.

“Presumptuous!” After seeing the unfamiliar intruder before them, an elder from the Supremusseum scolded him. Then, he raised a hand, and a spectral palm dashed toward the intruder. The spectral palm enlarged to the size of a mountain and charged at Yuvin.


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