The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5281

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5281-“Haha.” Yuvin chuckled, and then he instantly shattered the spectral palm with a snap of his fingers.

“I came here for the Supremusse Lotus and didn’t want to kill anybody.

Irrelevant people should leave immediately to avoid losing their lives. I’ve already given a warning, so don’t blame me if you die.”

Yuvin’s voice echoed throughout the area.

“He’s quite strong.”

“The person who attacked him was one of the Supremusseum elders, who is at the late stage of the Martial Celestial Rank. He had struck with full force, but his attack was neutralized so easily.”

Many powerhouses were startled by the sight.

James was also flabbergasted. He was about to try to persuade Lemuel once again, but another powerhouse suddenly showed up to snatch the Supremusse Lotus.

Lemuel had a solemn expression. He had seen almost all the powerhouses throughout all the planes. Even if he had never met them before, he knew about their existence.

However, the intruder before him was an unfamiliar face.

All Lemuel knew about the intruder was he was a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank. He frowned and murmured, ‘The Holy Celestial Rank? When did a powerhouse like him exist?”


Quirijn leaped into the sky, and the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders followed suit.

A few of the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders were at the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank.

Quirijn shouted, “How dare you cause trouble in the Supremusseum! You must have a death wish. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. Today, you will die in the Supremusseum.”

After Quirijn became the ruler of the Supremusseum, nobody dared to cause trouble for them or act recklessly in their territory.

“Haha,” Yuvin laughed, and his aura immediately grew stronger.

Yuvin’s aura suppressed the Supremusse Lotus’ energy and caused cracks in the void around him. Suddenly, a few mysterious law inscriptions.


“He’s at the Holy Celestial Rank!”

“Quick, get to safety.”

A few powerhouses who came to see the Supremusse Lotus were startled by Yuvin’s powerful aura. They immediately knew he was a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank. Afraid to get caught up in the fight, they quickly evacuated.

“Let’s go, James.”Lemuel turned the startled James and quickly pulled him away from the Supremusseum. The next moment, they appeared outside the Supreme Universe.

“Wait, Lemuel,” James said with desire, “While there is a powerhouse causing a commotion and the entire Supremusseum’s focus on him, it’s the perfect chance for you to seize the Supremusse Lotus.”

Lemuel frowned and said, ‘The intruder is at the same rank as me. However, I don’t know anything about him. It’s really strange. I suspect he is someone from the Dark World’s Ancient Races.”

“The Dark World’s Ancient Races?” James frowned. They had just learned about the Primevals and Ancient Races. Unexpectedly, they encountered one right after learning about their existence.

Lemuel said, “We shouldn’t act recklessly. Let’s watch how things unfold. If it becomes chaotic, and a chance to seize the Supremusse Lotus arises, I’ll take it.” Initially, Lemuel had no intention of stealing the Supremusse Lotus if he had to rely on himself alone. However, things were different with the intruder’s appearance.


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