The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5283

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5283-The Supremusseum’s Ten Elders spread out in the void and flickered throughout the area, causing the area to look distorted.

“What is that?”

“It’s the Supremusseum’s Eradication Formation!” “The Supremusseum’s founder created the Eradication Formation. It requires the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders to cast. Everyone knows about the formation, but nobody has seen it before.”

The powerhouses that have left the Supremusseum began to discuss after seeing the Ten Elders casting the Eradication Formation.”

Outside the Supreme Universe, Lemuel looked at James and said admiringly, “You’re a genius. How did you create such a powerful formation? Does it have any weakness? How can it be broken?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “It has no weakness. Unless you can overpower its strength, there’s almost no way to break it, and you’ll be slowly exhausted to your death.”

Lemuel did not take action and watched patiently from outside the universe.

The Supremusseum’s Ten Elders flickered up and down in the void. At that moment, their auras merged and instantly caused the overlapping of a few spaces.

Yukon was trapped within the overlapping spaces.

“Break!” He shouted and used all his strength to try to break the formation.


The space around his body cracked, and he broke three layers of the formation.

Even though Yuvin was powerful, he could only shatter three spaces at once.

Now, there were seven more layers.

However, the broken layers instantly repaired themselves.

At that moment, the formation unleashed a powerful force and put significant pressure on Yuvin.

Under the crushing pressure, Yuvin’s speed was affected.

Outside the formation, the Ten Elders summoned their swords and slashed out.

Countless Sword Energies pierced through the air and passed through the formation’s layers. With each layer the Sword Energies passed, they would grow stronger.

When the Sword Energies passed through all the overlapping spaces, their strength had improved significantly.

Yuvin put away his confident demeanor and became serious.


The Sword Energies inched closer to him. Yuvin dodged and clenched his fists, causing veins to bulge. He took a big step forward and swung his fists.

Countless spectral fists spread out and blocked the Sword Energies.

Quirijn hid in the formation and quietly appeared when he had the chance.

Then, he immediately jabbed his sword at Yuvin.

Yunvin was unable to react in time and was stabbed. Even though he had a strong physical body, the sword still penetrated his flesh. The different Genesis Powers spread in his body and caused him severe injuries.

“Get lost!” Yuvin was furious. He swung his palm and knocked Quirijn away.

Yuvin’s terrifying force shattered a few of the formation’s layers.


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