The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5284

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5284-Yuvin’s powerful attack knocked Quirijn through a few of the formation’s layers.

Although Quirijn had injured Yuvin after the successful ambush, Yuvin counterattacked and severely wounded him.

Quirijn quickly withdrew from the formation. Immediately afterward, the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders sprung into action. They reinforced the formation and repaired the shattered layers.

Powerful Sword Energies emerged around Yuvin and slashed at him, causing him injuries.

Yuvin kept dodging and deflecting the Sword Energies. At the same time, he unleashed his Zen to decipher the formation. He wanted to break the formation as soon as possible, knowing he would be exhausted to death if he could not escape.

However, he could not decipher the formation. While he was distracted, several Sword Energies slashed at him. He was careless, and his flesh was sliced open.

“Break!” Yuvin had no choice but to use brute force to break the formation. He urged all his strength and struck the formation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He broke through the formation’s layers one after another.

However, he could not break them fast enough, and the previous layers would be repaired.

The formation was bizarre and put significant pressure on his body. A portion of his power was suppressed, and he could not exert all his strength.

The powerhouses watched from the outside.

“Tsk, tsk. The Supremusseum’s Eradication Formation is too strong.”

“He’s at the Holy Celestial Rank. Yet, he’s being suppressed.”

“As expected from the Supremusseum’s Eradication Formation.”

“The Supremusseum lives upto its reputation of being one of the most potent forces in the Central Plane. With such a great formation, it is almost impossible for them to be defeated. Even if the Elysium Hall attacks them with full force, they might be unable to take down the Supremusseum.”

Many powerhouses commented after gaining a newer perception of the Supremusseum’s strength.

At that moment, James and Lemuel were also watching the battle.

Lemuel praised, “Your formation is impressive. After getting trapped inside, it’s almost impossible to break free if you can’t find the people who cast it. If you can’t kill the casters, then you’ll slowly be drained of energy and will die. The formation is invincible against powerhouses at the Holy Celestial Rank and below.”

He looked at James and asked, “When you created the formation, have you never thought about being trapped inside it? Do you have any backup plan?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “No. My original intention in creating the formation was to protect the Supremusseum. I never thought about being trapped inside it myself.”

Lemuel said, “He’s a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank, so he should have more up his sleeves.”

Lemuel had also created a Supernatural Power, the Feimsurge Art. Since Yuvin was also a Holy Celestial Rank, Lemuel suspected he must also have a Supernatural Power and was curious to see what it was.

Inside the formation, Yuvin was being tortured, and he looked to be in a terrible state. Since his powers were being suppressed, he could not exert all his strength to break the formation. At the same time, he could not sense the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders’ whereabouts and could not kill them to deactivate the formation.

His hair was messy, and blood was dripped from his lips.


At that moment, a black light ray emerged and formed into a black Bone Sword.

The sword exuded a terrifying power and looked to be made with the spine of a creature.


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