The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5285

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5285-The Bone Sword was on par with the Supremusse Sword.

Yuvin gripped tightly onto the Bone Sword, and a black Sword Light emerged from it. The sword forcibly absorbed the Dark World’s energy and became stronger.

“Break!” Yuvin roared and slashed the sword.

A potent black Sword Energy darted out and caused a crack in the formation’s central region. The damage continued to permeate and destroy the space.

Eventually, the formation’s ten layers were also shattered.

Ten figures instantly emerged after the formation was broken and plummeted to the ground, destroying a few spiritual mountains.

Yuvin floated in the sky. His body was covered with wounds, but he gripped his Bone Sword and emitted a powerful aura.

Quirijn and the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders were badly injured. Although they did not completely lose their combat effectiveness, their formation had been destroyed, and they had no other means to fight Yuvin.

‘That’s some potent Dark Power.”

‘The sword must be from the depths of the Dark World.”

“Could it be the infiltrator is also from the Dark World?”

Many spectators were startled by the Bone Sword’s strength. The Dark Power it emitted was potent enough to make them shudder.

“So that’s the strength of a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank?”

‘The Supremusseum’s Ten Elders had cast a powerful formation, yet they couldn’t take down an opponent at the Holy Celestial Rank.”

“He’s too powerful.”

The powerhouses marveled.

James’ brows furrowed. He looked at Lemuel and asked,” Do you have a chance of defeating him?”

Lemuel shook his head lightly and said, “I don’t know. I can’t judge his real strength just with that one blow.”

He was aware of the Eradication Formation’s exceptional strength. It could only be broken by brute force. Despite that, Lemuel was confident he could also break the formation.

Yuvin slowly approached the Supremusse Lotus. He stopped before it, waved his hand, and uprooted the Supremusse Lotus.

Quirijn and the other powerhouses from the Supremusseum did not stop him. If they were to intervene, they would be killed.

Quirijn’s face was terrifyingly grim, and he clenched his fists. He would have stood a chance against his opponent if he had not lost the Supremusse Sword.

Now that the formation had been broken, and he was without the Supremusse Sword, there was nothing he could do against a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank.

The Supremusseum’s powerhouses watched powerlessly as Yuvin uprooted the Supremusse Lotus.

“Who are you? Tell me your name!”

“You seized the Supremusseum’s greatest treasure. I’ll have my revenge in the future.”

Quirijn’s voice echoed throughout the area.

However, Yuvin refused to answer him. After he obtained the Supremusse Lotus, he quickly left the place, leaving no traces behind.

Outside the universe, James looked at Lemuel and said, ” You should take action now. Even though he is at the Holy Celestial Rank, Quirijn has already injured him. You’ll be able to snatch the Supremusse Lotus from him.”

Lemuel shook his head and said, “Although he is injured and is indeed no match against me, his weapon is bizarre. He is most likely a Primeval and possibly a member of the Four Ancient Races. If I take action, I might make an enemy out of the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races. It’ll cause both of us a great deal of trouble.”

James’ brows furrowed.


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