The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5286

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5286-After carefully considering it, Lemuel decided not to take action against Yuvin.

James was rather helpless and could only watch as the Supremusse Lotus was taken by someone else.

Yuvin quickly escaped, worried the other powerhouses would chase after him. In his current state, he would not be able to fight a top powerhouse. He hid his aura and entered the Dark World.

As soon as he entered the Dark World, he fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. Suddenly, his body also began to disintegrate.

Thea quickly approached him and asked worriedly, “Are you okay, Mr. Yuvin?”

Yuvin sat up with difficulty and began to treat his wounds. His face was pale as a sheet. He looked at Thea and said, ” The Supremusseum’s formation was incredibly potent. I underestimated them and almost perished in their hands. If we can get our hands on the formation, our race will become even stronger.”

After being trapped inside the formation, Yuvin realized how powerful it was.

Fortunately, the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders were not particularly powerful.

Only a few were at the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank, and the rest were at the Martial Celestial Rank’s early stage.

It would have been tough for him to escape the formation if the Supremusseum’s Ten Elders were all at the Martial Celestial Rank’s peak.

“I’m sorry. You got hurt because of me,” Thea said apologetically.

Yuvin waved his hand and said, “I’m fine. I’ll recover soon.”

After the brief conversation, Yuvin focused on treating his wounds.

The Supremusseum’s event was interrupted by Yuvin’s sudden intrusion. After the battle, their strongest powerhouses were injured.

Although the Supremusse Lotus had been stolen, nobody dared to make fun of the Supremusseum. The intruder that stole the Supremusse Lotus was powerful, and nobody in all the planes had the confidence to stand against him.

Not even Elysium Hall could fight him.

James and Lemuel returned to the Supremusseum.

Quirijn looked at the powerhouses that returned to the Supremusseum, clasped his fists, and said,” My guests, I apologize. I’m afraid I won’t be able to let you guys see the Supremusse Lotus anymore. The Supremusseum has a really important matter to discuss and won’t have time to entertain guests.”

The powerhouses understood the Supremusseum was asking them to leave.

They were sensible and quickly left the area.

James and Lemuel also followed suit.

The news about the battle had spread throughout the Central Plane and to other planes almost immediately.

Countless living beings learned about the battle during the Supremusseum’s grand event. Everyone was shocked to learn that powerhouses at the Holy Celestial Rank were not just myths. There really were mighty beings that had reached the rank.

“It was a great battle!”

“I was outside the Supreme Universe when the battle took place. The intruder summoned a Bone Sword and used potent Dark Power to shatter the Supremusseum’s Eradication Formation.

“The countless powerhouses in the Supremusseum could only watch helplessly as the Supremusse Lotus was taken away. Nobody dared to intervene and stand in his way.”

Many people were discussing the battle.

Meanwhile, James headed to the eighth-level plane he won from the bet with Hadran.

James planned to refine the Genesis Path of the plane and become the Plane Lord of it first. Then, he would harvest its resources.

Previously, he had already obtained the resources of an eighth-level plane to use at his disposal for an entrapoch. Now that he acquired an eighth-level plane of his own, he had more than enough resources. He could spend a lot less effort to improve his cultivation rank. After some time, he could also merge the eighth-level plane with the Endlos Plane and upgrade it to an eighth-level plane.

An eighth-level plane was advanced, and a fifth-level plane simply could not compare. As of now, James was still unable to merge them.

The eighth-level plane was called the Moonshine Plane. The Plane Lord was an elder of the Valiant Alliance.


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