The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5288

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5288-James panicked upon hearing Thea’s name.

However, Yuvin refused to go into details. He looked at James and said, ‘TH tell you about it if you agree to the deal.”

“Alright, deal,” James agreed without even thinking about it.

First of all, the formation was useless to him right now. Secondly, he needed the Supremusse Lotus. Lastly, the so- called secret was related to Thea.

James waved his hand. A few inscriptions emerged and formed into a very profound inscription.

“Here’s the Eradication Formation.” Yuvin put the inscription away without even verifying it. Then, he took out a storage treasure and said, “The Supremusse Lotus is inside.”

James’ main concern was not the Supremusse Lotus. Instead, he was more worried about Thea.

“What happened to Thea?”

Yuvin replied, ‘Thea is the Princess of the Mevryees, one of the Dark World’s Ancient Races. Soon, she will marry into the Yefteros. The Yefteros is the strongest of the Four Ancient Races.” ‘What?” James was furious by the news.

Yuvin noticed James’ anger and advised him, “You shouldn’t act rashly. I’m not telling you this for you to prevent it from happening. You don’t even have the strength to stop it. Even in your past life, you wouldn’t be able to fight against one of the Four Ancient Races.

James clenched his fists, and veins bulged on his arms.

Yuvin elaborated, “The Yefteros are terrifyingly strong. Fortunately, they don’t know Thea grew up in the Endlos Plane. They know nothing about her life there.

If you were to act recklessly, and they somehow find out about your children in the Endlos Plane, all of them will die.”

After speaking, Yuvin disappeared.

Lemuel promptly reminded James, “You shouldn’t be impulsive. It’s the Four Ancient Races we’re talking about. We just discovered their existence and have no idea how strong they are.”

“I don’t care how strong they are. I must go. I can’t let Thea marry into the Yefteros,” James said firmly.

Lemuel did not have prior knowledge about Thea and James ‘ relationship.

However, judging James’ reaction, he assumed they were most likely a couple.

James stood in the void with furrowed brows.

Meanwhile, Yuvin went to reunite with Thea.

Thea had been waiting a long time for Yuvin. As soon as he appeared, she asked anxiously, “How did it go, Mr. Yuvin?”

Yuvin nodded lightly and said, “Everything went smoothly. I’ve already handed him the Supremusse Lotus and got the Eradication Formation. Also…”

After briefly hesitating, Yuvin said, “I told him about your origin and marriage.”

‘What?” Thea was stunned. After a while, she recomposed and said, “How could you tell him about it? With his character, he would march into the Yefteros to try and stop the marriage. You’ve practically sent him to his death. I must stop him.”

Thea knew James well. Now that James had learned about these things, he would surely try to intervene.

Yuvin did not try to stop Thea. He snapped his fingers and unleashed a magical inscription. The inscription submerged into her body while she walked away.

The inscription could isolate her aura, preventing the Yefteros, who were following them in the dark, from being able to track her. It would prevent them from finding out who she had met with. If he did not do so, they might investigate her out of suspicion and find out about her life in the Endlos Plane.


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