The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5289

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5289-The outside of the Moonshine Plane was shrouded in complete darkness.

James floated in the dark for a very long time.

Lemuel called out for him, “James.”

James recollected himself and relaxed his clenched fists. He turned to Lemuel and said, Tm fine.”

Lemuel asked, ‘You’re not really thinking about going to the Yefteros, are you?”

‘That’s a given. How could I not go?”

“You mustn’t!” Suddenly, a voice came from the darkness.

A beautiful woman in a black dress approached. She had exquisite features, long black hair, and an excellent figure. Her eyes were immediately glued to James.

‘Thea!” James rushed over to her and tightly embraced her, afraid she would leave him.

After feeling her warmth for a while, he eased his grip on her.

Thea looked at him and said solemnly, “You can’t go to the Yefteros, James. The Four Ancient Race’s strength is beyond your imagination. Even if you had the strength of your previous life, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“But you’re about to get married into the Yefteros. How can I just let it happen? I can’t just watch as you become someone else’s wife. I would rather die than let that happen.

“In this life, I endured everything to give you and our children a peaceful home.

If I lose you, then I lose my reason for fighting.”

James spoke with absolute resolution.

Thea knew convincing James was not going to be easy. She felt at a loss.

James wrapped his arms around her and said earnestly, ” Thea, please give me some time. Buy as much time as possible to improve my strength to face the Four Ancient Races.”

Thea’s face paled at his words. She had stayed with the Mevryees for some time, and she knew how terrifying the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races were.

Although James had great potential and could become a powerhouse that could stand against the Four Ancient Races, the Mevryees would not give them the time.

As of now, Thea had no choice but to agree. She looked at James affectionately and said, “Alright. After I return to the Mevryees, I’ll try my best to delay the wedding. If I really can’t stall it any longer, I’ll send someone to notify you. But, you must promise me not to go to the Dark World before you have the strength to fight the Four Ancient Races. I’ll also promise you to never marry another man. On the wedding day, I’ll take my own life.”

James vowed, “I won’t let that happen. I’ll destroy the Yefteros before the wedding ever happens.”

“Please take care of yourself.” Thea cast a final glance at James and left.

She could not stay any longer, knowing many eyes were secretly watching her.

She did not want to cause James any trouble, so she quickly left after briefly meeting with him.

After she left, James’ expression became solemn.

Lemuel sighed and said, “It’s going to be almost impossible for you to become strong enough to stand against the Four Ancient Races in a short period.”

Although Lemuel did not know the true strength of the Dark World’s Ancient Races, he knew Yuvin was from the Mevryees. If an ordinary member of the Mevryees were already at the Holy Celestial Rank, that would mean the rank was not uncommon in the Dark World’s Ancient Races.

Even if James were to enter the Holy Celestial Rank, he would not be able to fight an Ancient Race.


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