The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5291

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5291-Yechiel heard about the news immediately.

Yechiel was the lord of the Moonshine Plane. He was also an elder of the Valiant Alliance. His cultivation rank was extremely high. Rumors claimed that he was at the peak of the Great Celestial Rank. In reality, he had already entered the Martial Celestial Rank. This cultivation rank was powerful.

Sitting in the main seat of the main hall, Yechiel smiled.

Currently, he was the lord of the plane. Even if James obtained the plane’s Genesis Path, without Yechiel’s permission, James could not cultivate the Genesis Path entirely and become the lord of the Moonshine Plane.

Meanwhile, Hadran had already issued an order. Yechiel needed to stop James from becoming the lord of the plane and make him retreat.

In the Moonshine Plane, two shadows traversed through the sky at a high speed. They traveled through universe after universe. In the end, they arrived at the central universe of the plane.

James stopped outside the central universe. Looking at the universe ahead, he said, “I can sense that Mount Genesis of the Moonshine Plane is in this universe. We can enter Mount Genesis with the token. After cultivating on Mount Genesis, I can become the lord of the plane.”

On the other hand, Lemuel said, “For this round’s bet, the Valiant Alliance doesn’t want to admit defeat even though they have lost. They won’t hand over this plane so easily. It won’t be easy for you to become the lord of this plane.”

James glanced at Lemuel and smiled. “I have you. You just need to exude a bit of your aura, and you’ll terrify the lord of this plane into handing it over.”

Lemuel rolled his eyes and said, “I’m here to relax, not to help you.”

“How about we make a deal?”

James knew it would be hard for him to take over this eighth -level plane alone.

He needed Lemuel’s help.

“I like to make deals.” With a smile, Lemuel said, “What’s the deal?”

“Are you interested in the Genesis Path Scripture?” James asked with a smile.

“Of course. However, I’m only interested in the latter half of the Genesis Path Scripture. The first half only has the Genesis Paths of a few planes. I want to know what you have created on the Genesis of the thousands of planes.”

“The Genesis Paths of one hundred planes.” With a smile, James continued, “If you help me, I’ll give you the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes. What do you think?”

“It’s a deal.”

Without hesitation, Lemuel agreed.

The Genesis Path was the fundamental of a plane. It was extremely rare.

The Genesis Path of a single plane was already a precious thing, let alone that of one hundred planes. Lemuel would benefit greatly from this deal.

James would not be on the losing end either.

The first half of the Genesis Path Scripture had the Genesis Paths of all the planes in the era he was in. There were around 18,000 planes’ Genesis Paths in total.

Using the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes in exchange for the help of a powerhouse in the initial stage of the Holy Celestial Rank was a good deal.

Lemuel wanted the first half of the Genesis Path Scripture. Thus, he had to continuously help James. Once he obtained the complete first half of the Genesis Path Scripture, James might no longer need his help.

The two of them talked and laughed while entering the central universe of the Moonshine Plane.

‘There are quite a lot of powerhouses.”

Upon entering the universe, Lemuel sensed that many powerhouses were in the Martial Celestial Rank and the Great Celestial Rank.

‘To me, they are powerhouses. To you, they’re nothing,” said James while laughing. Then, he stepped into the void and left.

Soon, he appeared outside Mount Moonshine.

“Who are you?”

When James appeared, the guards of Mount Moonshine blocked his way.

Thousands of guards appeared. All of them pulled out their weapons and blocked James and Lemuel at the entrance.


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