The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5292

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5292-The guards of the lord of an eighth-level plane’s residence were powerful. Their abilities surpassed James’.

Without using any signature skills, James could not deal with these guards.

Taking out the token, he waved it in front of the guards and said, “This is an order from the plane. I’m the new lord of this plane. Move out of the way.”

“Get lost.”

The leader of the guards had received an order to kill anyone who came here with the token.

At once, the leader pulled out a longsword and attacked James.

When he attacked, countless guards joined in simultaneously.


At this moment, Lemuel’s body flashed and appeared before James. A ray of golden light emerged from his body.

The golden light formed a protective barrier.

The attacks of countless guards struck the protective barrier.

The protective barrier could rebound.

The countless guards were blown away. They fell to the ground in all kinds of positions.

Meanwhile, James walked forward. Soon, he appeared before the Mountain Formation.

“Lemuel, break this formation.”

Lemuel had already made a deal with James. As he flicked his finger lightly, an invisible energy emerged. The energy immediately broke the Mountain Formation of an eighthlevel plane.

Once the Mountain Formation broke, Yechiel, sitting at the top of the mountain, could no longer stay calm. Instantly, he appeared at the foot of the mountain and stared at Lemuel. He wanted to see through the latter. Nonetheless, he could not tell what was Lemuel’s cultivation rank.

“Who are you? Why are you barging into the Moonshine Plane?” Yechiel questioned in a cold voice.

James stood forward and said, “I had a bet with Hadran of the Valiant Alliance.

He lost this plane to me. Hand over the position of the lord of this plane and get lost.”


Yechiel laughed out loud. “Although I’m a member of the Valiant Alliance, no one can decide what to do with my plane.”

James showed Yechiel the token.

Yechiel’s expression was ghastly. In a cold voice, he said,”

So what if you have the token of the Genesis Path? I told you, this is my plane. I was not around during the bet. It doesn’t count. Please leave my plane.

Otherwise, I will report this matter to the Elysium Hall and let it administer justice.” James rubbed his temples. Lazily, he said, ‘This is troublesome. Lemuel, since he doesn’t want to hand over the plane, just kill him.”

After James said that, he stepped backward.

On the other hand, Lemuel took a step forward. He immediately appeared before Yechiel.

Before Yechiel could react, he was already grabbed by the throat and forced to get up.

He used all his might to break free. Unfortunately, he was only in the initial stage of the Martial Celestial Rank. He could not break free. When Lemuel’s power entered his body, he sensed the threat of death.

“Wh-Who are you?”

Yechiel was terrified.

“Kill him,” said James dully.

“Please don’t kill me. I’ll hand over the plane…”

Lemuel did not plan on killing anyone. He only wanted to scare Yechiel. He threw Yechiel, causing the latter to fall to the ground. Dust flew.

Many powerhouses of Mount Moonshine had gathered in the surrounding area. Their faces were pale. They stood in the distance, not daring to act recklessly.

If the lord of the plane could be defeated so easily, they would definitely die if they approached.

Yechiel got up from the ground with great difficulty. Glaring at James and Lemuel, he gritted his teeth and said, “Have you thought it through? I’m an elder of the Valiant Alliance. If you snatch this plane from me, you will offend the Valiant Alliance. Aside from that, I will also report this matter to the Elysium Hall.”


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