The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5293

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5293-Casually, James said, “Sir Hadran of the Valiant Alliance lost this plane to me.

The plane should belong to me. Even if you report this matter to the Elysium Hall, it will side with me.”

Yechiel’s gaze landed on Lemuel. He asked, “I know almost all powerhouses of the Central Plane and other planes, but I’ve never heard of or seen you before.

What’s your name? I want to know who I lost to.”

James suddenly had an idea. He responded, “This is my teacher, Thaddeus Holiness.”

Upon hearing that name, Yechiel and the powerhouses of Mount Moonshine stumbled backward.

Forty-nine had publicly expressed that his teacher was Thaddeus Holiness.

However, no one in this world had met Thaddeus Holiness before. They did not expect Thaddeus Holiness to be a real person.

“Th-Thaddeus Holiness? The legendary powerhouse? The powerhouse that only exists in ancient books?” Yechiel was frightened.

Lemuel glanced at James helplessly.

Nonetheless, he did not say anything.

“Aren’t you going to leave?” James reprimanded.

The powerhouses of Mount Moonshine in the surrounding area fled the place in fear. In an instant, they were gone, leaving Yechiel behind.

Yechiel was terrified. Obediently, he handed over the position of the lord of the plane.

On the other hand, James successfully entered Mount Genesis of this plane. He began cultivating the Genesis Path of this plane.

He mastered the Genesis Path Scripture. This plane was an old plane.

Naturally, he knew the Genesis Path of this plane.

Soon, he cultivated the Genesis Path of this plane and became the new lord of this plane.

In the apex main hall of Mount Moonshine, James sat in the main seat, full of smiles.

Speechless, Lemuel said, “Why did you say I was Thaddeus Holiness?”

James smiled and said, “Should I have said you were Lemuel, the founder of Dieux Academy?”

“Hand over the Genesis Path Scripture.” Lemuel stretched out his hand.

James waved his hand. Then, several inscriptions appeared in his hand and flew toward Lemuel.

‘These are the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes.”

Feeling satisfied, Lemuel put them away and asked, “What do you plan on doing now?”

Thinking for a while, James answered, “I have my own plans. I plan to blackmail a few powerhouses of this plane and kick them out. I have great use for this plane in the future.”

“Great use?” Lemuel was confused.

Nevertheless, James did not explain further on this matter.

Sitting in the main seat, he said, “Moonshine Plane has changed lords. I am Forty-nine of Dieux Academy. I’m the new lord of this plane. To the living beings of Moonshine Plane, hand over the Empyrean herbs of all sects, families, and forces in ten thousand years. Whoever fails to do so will die.”

James’ voice rang throughout the plane.

The eighth-level plane had countless sects and families.

When the powerhouses of the plane heard James’ words, they were shocked.

“Huh? There’s a new lord?”

“I’ve heard of this before. Previously, in Supremusseum, Sir Hadran of the Valiant Alliance had a bet with an elder of Dieux Academy. He lost this plane to Forty-nine.”

“If there’s a new lord, this plane is going change.”

“Head to the herb garden and gather herbs now. Then, go to Mount Moonshine.”

“Open up the family’s treasure and take out all the Empyrean Herbs. Bring them to Mount Moonshine.”

All of a sudden, the powerhouses of the sects and families were panicking. They hurried to Mount Moonshine fortheir survival.

After Lemuel heard James’ words, he could not help but say, “Aren’t you being too overbearing?”

With a heavy expression, James said, “My enemy is the Yeftero Race of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. I need to become powerful in the shortest time possible. I need a large number of Empyrean herbs.”


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