The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5294

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5294-Yeftero Race, one of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World, was a huge burden to James.

He had limited time, and with ordinary measures, he would not be able to progress enough to stop the Yeftero Race and save Thea.

“Do you plan to get rid of the living beings of this plane after they hand over the Empyrean herbs?” Lemuel asked.


James nodded.

He planned to merge this plane with the Endlos Plane. There were too many powerhouses in this plane who were knowledgeable about many affairs. Once both planes merged, the living beings of this plane would know about the Genesis Path Scripture he left in Endlos. By then, countless powerhouses would want to kill him.


James took a deep breath and stopped thinking about this matter.

Sitting in the main hall, he waited patiently.

Soon, a powerhouse showed up.

The powerhouse was at the peak of the Great Celestial Rank. He was one of the top powerhouses of this plane. Many universes were under him.

Obediently, the powerhouse handed over the Empyrean herbs and a few wonderful elixirs that he had gathered. James accepted them satisfactorily.

After that, powerhouses of different sects and families showed up one after another. They gave their Empyrean herbs to James willingly. James did not reject any of the herbs. He accepted all of them.

Another day passed.

James was receiving Empyrean herbs every day.

After some time, the Empyrean herbs he collected reached a terrifying amount.

He felt satisfied.

“Fellow cultivators, this plane will be sealed soon. From now on, it won’t appear in the thousands of planes. If you want to leave, please leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave once the plane is sealed.”

James’ voice sounded throughout the plane.

Upon hearing that, many powerhouses were stunned.

“Seal the plane?”

“What’s Forty-nine planning to do?”

“I don’t want to stay in this plane. I’m going to leave and watch the situation from outside.”

Many powerhouses chose to leave this plane.

“Everyone, in one hundred thousand years, all living beings in this plane will be killed.”

A terrifying Murderous Energy filled the plane.

It shocked many powerful families and sects.

Meanwhile, after saying that, James went to cultivate in seclusion.

Currently, he had many Empyrean herbs and elixirs. He even had the Supremusse Lotus. However, his cultivation rank was too low. He wanted to take this opportunity to cultivate in seclusion for some time.

He cast a time formation at the back of Mount Moonshine. Then, he began to cultivate in the time formation.

With a thought, a large amount of Empyrean herbs appeared before him.

Activating the cultivation method, he absorbed and refined the power of the Empyrean herbs. His power was increasing unknowingly.

His cultivation rank was also increasing gradually.

While he cultivated in seclusion, he absorbed a large amount of Empyrean herbs. His cultivation rank reached the initial stage of the Sovereign Fourth Rank from the initial stage of the Sovereign Third Rank, and he had only used a few Empyrean herbs he obtained from the Moonshine Plane.

The Empyrean herbs he obtained from the Endlos Plane were enough for him to reach the Petit Celestial Rank.

Besides, he had the Supremusse Lotus.

For some time, he did not lack Empyrean herbs.

Now, he only lacked time.

He spent a long time in the formation, but only one hundred thousand years passed in the outside world.

In one hundred thousand years, he reached the initial stage of the Sovereign Fourth Rank from the initial stage of the Sovereign Third Rank. It was absolutely terrifying.


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