The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5295

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5295-One hundred years later, James finished his cultivation in seclusion.

After coming out of seclusion, he used his Zen to scan the Moonshine Plane.

Upon sensing that many powerful sects, families, and forces were still in the Moonshine Plane, James frowned.

“Are you really going to kill all of them? It will ruin peace.” Seeing something off with James’ expression, Lemuel could not help but advise.

James glanced at him and said, “I hope you can take action. Use the Grand Supernatural Power to move all living beings of the Endlos Plane. Right now, I need a plane free from living beings.”

When Lemuel heard that, he rolled his eyes. He said, “You have overestimated me. Even though I’m in the Holy Celestial Rank, I don’t have such tactics.

Besides, this is an eighth-level plane. There are too many living beings. Where can I move them to? Which plane can accept so many living beings?”

“Move all of the powerhouses above the Sovereign Rank then,” said James.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” “Yes,” answered James sternly.

“I want the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes.”


Without hesitating, James waved his hand, and several inscriptions appeared before Lemuel.

Meanwhile, James said, “These are the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes.

Please take action.”

‘There’s nothing I can do against you.”

Lemuel felt helpless.

For the Genesis Path Scripture, he could only choose to take action. At once, he activated his Supernatural Power and moved the living beings above the Sovereign Rank in this plane forcefully. He moved them out of this plane and to the dark outside the plane.

Lemuel did not care where the living beings wound up.

Although Lemuel was strong, he could not move all living beings in one go. He moved them batch by batch.

In an instant, the powerhouses of one universe disappeared from the Moonshine Plane. In the next second, they appeared in the dark outside the Moonshine Plane.

At the next moment, powerhouses of another universe disappeared.

One universe after another, the powerhouses were forcefully moved away.

Soon, there were no longer powerhouses in the Moonshine Plane.

Meanwhile, James cast a formation outside the Moonshine Plane and concealed it. From then on, the Moonshine Plane disappeared from the thousands of planes.

What James had to do now was improve his ability.

Once his cultivation rank increased, he would move the Moonshine Plane and merge it with the Endlos Plane. In this way, the Endlos Plane would become an eighth-level plane. Aside from that, the space would be more stable than an average eighth-level plane.

If he could merge the Endlos Plane with a few eighth-level planes, the Endlos Plane could become a ninth-level plane.

Nonetheless, there were not enough ninth-level planes.

In the past, James only wanted to return to Supremusseum.

Nevertheless, things had changed. He needed to protect Thea. One ninth-level plane was not enough.

At this moment, he had a crazy and outrageous idea.

The idea was to merge all planes and form a superplane. The plane would surpass the Central Plane, which was a tenth-level plane. In this way, he could go against the Ancient Races from the Dark World.

Even though this idea would be difficult to carry out, it was the only way now.

“Because of you, the Central Plane and other planes know that the Moonshine Plane has disappeared,” said Lemuel with a frown.

Indifferently, James said, “I used to be worried in the past and dared not cause huge commotions. Now, with you by my side, I’m no longer afraid.”


Lemuel was speechless.

“Alright. Let’s go.” James said, “Let the Moonshine Plane develop peacefully.

After some time, we’ll return to the Moonshine Plane and collect Empyrean herbs.”

After that, James left.

Lemuel followed after him.


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