The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5296

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5296-James successfully obtained the Moonshine Plane and kicked out its powerhouses.

Although many living beings were still in the Moonshine Plane, the living beings had not entered the Sovereign Rank. Thus, they did not have the ability to go to the secret realms and obtain high-quality Empyrean herbs.

“Where are we going next?” With a smile, Lemuel asked.

He had obtained the Genesis of a few planes. He wanted to get more Genesis Paths. If he followed James and took action when James was in trouble, he could continue to get Genesis Paths.

He could gather the Genesis Paths quicker than if he were to head to the other planes.

‘We’ll return to Dieux Academy. Then, we’ll go to the deepest part of the Dark World and search for clues about the Ulus,” said James.

The Ulus was a treasure left behind by the Glaciem Race, a Primeval Race.

This treasure was desired by the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. It could be seen that the Ulus was magical.

Currently, James’ opponent was the Yeftero Race, one of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. Only by getting the Ulus could he be on par with the Yeftero Race.


Lemuel did not say anything else.

Hurriedly, James returned to Dieux Academy.

In Mount Caden of Dieux Academy, James met Gaius, Gurgen, Zavis, and Taran.

The four had been cultivating in seclusion in Mount Caden of Dieux Academy.

They had been cultivating in time formations.

Not only did they have the Genesis Path Scripture, but they also had many Supernatural Signature Skills and countless Empyrean herbs.

“I plan to leave for a while.”

James looked at the four before him with a heavy expression.

Zavis sensed something off with James. He could not help but ask, ‘What’s wrong? What happened?”

James told them about the Primeval Races and the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. He also informed them that Thea’s real identity is the princess of the Mevryee Race, one of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World.

“Thea is a Tenebrous Body. She’s a great help toward the Yeftero Race. The Mevryee Race wants Thea to marry into the Yeftero Race. That way, the Mevyree Race can ensure its status as the Four Ancient Races. There isn’t much time left for me. I have to head out for cultivation and go to restricted zones. Only if I get baptized by blood and tears as well as experience life and death can I rise in the shortest time possible. If I reach the cultivation base of my previous life, I’ll become stronger.”

Upon mentioning all this, James felt pressured.

“Let’s go together,” said Zavis.

The others looked at James. They wanted to cultivate with James and travel the world.

On the other hand, James waved and said, “I have left enough resources for you guys. These resources are enough for you guys to use for some time.

They’re enough for you to become powerhouses. Besides, you guys need to gather the heads of the hundreds of families. You also need to perfect your signature skills. It’s most suitable for you to cultivate in seclusion in Dieux Academy.”

James did not plan on taking them on the trip to the deepest part of the Dark World.

It was because the Dark World was too uncanny and dangerous. If one were not careful, one would be annihilated.

James did not want to put them in danger.

“Be careful.”

“Take care. We will wait for your return in Dieux Academy.”

‘We will work hard in our cultivation. We will fight alongside you in the future.”

‘Take it easy. You can’t be so uptight when cultivating.”

The four of them spoke.

“I got it. Farewell.”

James waved his hand to bid farewell. Then, his body disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was already outside the universe of Dieux Academy.

In the void outside the universe of Dieux Academy, Lemuel had been waiting for James. Upon seeing James, Lemuel stepped into the void and walked over to James. He asked, ” Have you settled everything?” “Yeah.” James nodded.


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