The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5297

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5297-Lemuel continued to ask, “We don’t have the map of the Dark World. We also don’t know the bases of the Primeval Races from the Dark World. What should we do next?” James said, “I went to the Dark World before in my previous life. I encountered a ruin of the Glaciem Race. I still remember the rough location of this ruin. Let’s take a look at this ruin first.” The ruin James mentioned was the place to obtain the Dark Secrets.

However, when they searched the ruin previously, they did not find anything.

Nonetheless, it was one of the ruins left behind by the Glaciem Race. Perhaps there would be clues about other ruins of the Glaciem Race by going there.

“Let’s go.”

Lemuel did not refute.

The two left in a hurry. They left the Central Plane and headed to the dark.

James transversed through the dark quickly by relying on his memory.

The two transversed for many years.

Even though James had been to the ruin before, it was easy to get lost in the dark. Although he was a powerhouse in his previous life and was quite strong in this life, there were deviations in his memory. After going in circles and wasting a lot of time, they finally arrived at the ruin James found unexpectedly in his previous life.

“Is this the place?”

Lemuel looked ahead.

In the dark ahead, a space appeared.

The space was not a plane. It was an area connected to the Dark World. It was an independent space from the Dark World.

The space was fragmented. The void was full of spatial rifts. In the spatial rifts were combat auras left behind by the battles from years ago.

‘Yeah. This is the place.”

James nodded and said, “When Lady Wikolia and I discovered this space along with other powerhouses, we found Dark Secrets in this space. I remember there being a powerful Seal Boundary in the deepest part of the tomb. I could not open it even in my previous life. You’re with me this time. I believe in your ability.

You should be able to open the Seal Boundary of the deepest part.”

Upon hearing that, Lemuel became curious. He could not help but ask, “I wonder what’s inside the deepest part of the tomb.”

Lemuel could not wait to enter the place.

The two transversed through the dark and entered the space.

Once they entered, they felt a terrifying spatial pressure.

The spatial pressure was extremely terrifying. Even James, who was in the Sovereign Fourth Rank, could not resist it.

Powerhouses of the Sovereign Rank and even the Holy Celestial Rank would find it hard to move forward. They would die.

Timely, Lemuel took action. He helped James resist the terrifying pressure of this space.

“Since I helped you resist the spatial pressure of this space, you should give me one hundred Genesis Paths.” With a smile, Lemuel looked at James.

James nodded.

He knew he could not even step into this space if Lemuel was not around, let alone search for clues about the Ulus.

With a thought, mysterious inscriptions appeared and flew toward Lemuel.

“These are the Genesis Paths of one hundred planes. Please keep them well.”

Happily, Lemuel accepted them.

Then, he stepped on the void and moved forward.

Powerful energy exuded from his body. The energy formed a halo and engulfed James. Even though there was great spatial pressure in this space, it did not affect James.

The two advanced quickly.

Although this space was not a plane, it was bigger than an average low-level plane.

However, the space was ruined. The Empyrean Spiritual Energy was chaotic.

The space was filled with violent power, making it unable to birth Empyrean herbs.

Even though it had been thousands of years since living beings stepped into this area, there were no Empyrean herbs.


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