The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5298

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5298-The two transversed through the abandoned space.

As they passed through the ruin, the mountains they saw did not look like mountains, and the lands did not look like lands.

“Where do you think the tomb is?” After going in a circle, Lemuel asked.

James shook his head and said, “I don’t know. It’s good enough that I can find this ruin. There are too many spatial turbulences in this space. The area is constantly moving. The location is also changing endlessly.”

Lemuel was speechless.

Since he could not rely on James, he could only rely on himself.

“If I help you find the tomb, you will give me the Genesis Paths of one hundred tombs,” said Lemuel.


James did not refuse.

Meanwhile, Lemuel used his Zen to observe the area and space.

However, this space was destroyed. There were many strange energies. Even though his Zen could cover the entire area, he could not tell the location of the tomb James mentioned.

Now, he could only use the elimination method and search one place after another.

Thankfully, the space was not huge. It was only the size of a second-level plane.

With Lemuel’s ability, he could find the place easily.

Next, they began to search the area.

Days passed.

In the blink of an eye, several years flew by.

One of the Glaciem Race’s ruins, a mountain range, used to be majestic. Now, it was in a mess.

At the summit of the mountain range, James sat on the ground in a lotus position. There was a golden halo on his body. It was the protective barrier formed by Lemuel’s energy. It ensured James’ safety.

Sitting on a rock in the near distance, Lemuel was troubled. He said, “We have been searching for thousands of years. We have searched most of the places of this ruin, but we could not find anything. Are you sure there’s a magical tomb in this ruin?” “I’m sure.”

With his eyes half-closed, James said, “When I came here previously, I entered the deepest part. I only had to break the last Seal Boundary to get into the tomb.

If we can find it and open the last Seal Boundary, I believe there will be clues about the Ulus inside the tomb.”

“Alright. We have rested enough. Let’s continue,” said Lemuel as he stood up.

“No need to rush.”

After James scanned the surrounding area, he said, “The spatial pressure of this space is great. The space is filled with violent energies. It’s a great place for cultivation. I plan to cultivate here for some time.”

“Even if you cultivate, your cultivation rank won’t increase much.” Lemuel rained on James’ parade.

On the other hand, James’ expression became heavy.

All this while, he had been figuring out howto increase his power in the shortest time possible.

He thought of a way.

However, the method was dangerous. It was kind of a wrong approach.

“Lemuel, you’re knowledgeable. What kind of physical body would I have if I used the Genesis of the thousands of planes as a foundation to reshape my physical body?”


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