The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5299

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5299-Lemuel did not know how to respond to the question.

With a shocked expression, he looked at James and asked, ” What did you just say? You want to use the Genesis of the thousands of paths to reshape your physical body?”


James nodded and said, “My physical body evolved from the Koloretsua Stone of a low-level plane. It’s extremely strong. However, it’s only strong in the plane I’m in. It isn’t as powerful in the thousands of planes and the Central Plane. I plan to reshape a stronger and more terrifying physical body.”

Upon hearing that, Lemuel fell into deep thought.

After a while, anticipation could be seen on his face. He said, “I have never thought about this. Nonetheless, the Genesis of the thousands of planes is absolutely frightening. If you can use that to reshape a new physical body, your physical body will be terrifying.

“Since ancient times, there had been many physiques. The more powerful one’s physique was, the more talented one would be in cultivation. Nonetheless, no matter how strong one’s physique is, it can’t be compared to a physical body reshaped by using the Genesis of countless planes.

“If you want to give this physique a name, you can call it the Thousand Genesis Path Body.


Lemuel paused before continuing, “If you want to reshape a new physical body, you need several materials that can withstand the honing of the Genesis of the thousands of planes. Such materials are rare. If you can get some of them, it will be a great fortune. It’s impossible to get so many materials to reshape a physical body.”

With a smile, James said, “We’ll only find out whether or not it’s possible when we carry it out. Now, we need to search for materials. Such materials are rare and hard to find in the thousands of planes and the Central Plane. Nevertheless, everything is possible in the vast and boundless Dark World.”

James wanted to improve his ability in the shortest time possible. It was extremely tough.

He could only think of another way.

The method was not bad.

If he used that method, he could improve his ability quicker than cultivating traditionally.

If he could hone such a physical body, his physical power would reach a level that was on par with a powerhouse at the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank.

James took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Looking at Lemuel before him, he said, “Let’s go and search for the tomb. After we enter the tomb and get what we want, we will travel to the areas where the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World are. As the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World, they must have a lot of excellent materials.”

Lemuel did not refute James’ suggestions. He said, “You can do whatever you want. I’m only interested in the Genesis Paths.”

Without saying anything else, James turned around and left.

Lemuel followed behind James.

They searched continuously in this ruin.

After searching many areas, James finally found the tomb he had entered in his previous life.

“Is this it?”

Lemuel looked at the ruin ahead.

The area was a mountain range. However, the mountain range had become a ruin. Although it became a ruin, Lemuel could still see a formation hidden in the ruin. The formation originated from the Primevals. On the other hand, Lemuel was from another plane. Thus, he could not understand the formation at first glance.


James nodded and said, “This is it. When we came here previously, we put in a lot of effort to open the formation and enter the tomb. After we entered the tomb, we encountered many threats. Many companions died in the tomb. In the end, only Lady Wikolia and I escaped.”

James paused before continuing, “The powerhouses buried in this tomb were all in the Holy Celestial Rank and above.” Lemuel rubbed his chin and said, “Logically speaking, the Glaciem Race was wiped out entirely. No living beings survived. So, who buried the powerhouses of the Glaciem Race?”

James shrugged and responded, “How do I know?”

Lemuel looked at the formation hidden in the ruin ahead and said, “I don’t understand this formation. I can’t open it.”


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