The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5300

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5300-The formation of this area was too profound and mysterious. Even Lemuel, a powerhouse of the Holy Celestial Rank, could not understand it.

On the other hand, since James cultivated the Genesis Paths of thousands of planes, it could be said that his comprehension of inscriptions surpassed everyone else in the Central Plane and other planes.

If his comprehension had not surpassed everyone else’s, he would not have comprehended the Feimsurge Art created by Lemuel in such a short time.

Looking at the formation hidden in the ruin ahead, James said, “In the past, I did not know why there were such mysterious inscriptions in heaven and earth.

Nonetheless, after seeing the Dark Secrets, I understood that such inscriptions were known as primitive inscriptions.”

“Primitive inscriptions?” Lemuel glanced at James.

‘Yeah.” James nodded and explained, ‘The so-called primitive inscriptions are inscriptions that appeared before the birth of the thousands of planes. All inscriptions in the thousands of planes and Central Plane are deduced on this basis.

Although I’m proficient in the Genesis Paths of countless planes and know numerous inscriptions, I don’t know much about the primitive inscriptions.

Nevertheless, I have opened this formation in my previous life. So, it’s easy to open it again.”

When James said that, Lemuel breathed a sigh of relief.


James continued to say, “With my current cultivation rank, I can’t break the formation. Thus, I will guide you to break it.”


Lemuel nodded.

Then, James began to guide Lemuel.

James guided Lemuel while Lemuel took action. Easily, they broke the formation of this area.

Once the formation broke, the ruin changed. Several abandoned mountains and grounds moved. Then, a tomb emerged.

The tomb was larger than a planet. Since many years had passed, the ruin was dilapidated. The huge headstone had already collapsed. It was shattered on the ground.

‘The entrance is right ahead.”

James pointed ahead and walked over.

Soon, the two appeared before the entrance of the tomb.


At this moment, a sound of laughter sounded.

“I have been staying in this place for a long time, but I could not break the formation. I did not expect the two of you to break the formation right away.”

Following the sound of laughter, a middle-aged man appeared all of a sudden.

James and Lemuel stared at the man warily.

“He’s a powerhouse of the Holy Celestial Rank.” Lemuel reminded in a low voice, “Be careful. He isn’t a good person.”

James looked at the man who appeared before him.

The man appeared to be around the age of forty. He wore a black robe and had a powerful aura. His aura was enough to make James feel oppressed.

‘Tsk, tsk. You two are remarkable. The two of you are from another plane, yet you guys were able to break the formation here.” The middle-aged man looked at James and Lemuel. He was appreciative.

James took a few steps forward and said, “I’m Forty-nine of Dieux Academy in the Central Plane. May I know who you are and why you’re here?”

The middle-aged man did not answer James’ questions. Instead, he asked, “Since you guys are here, both of you should know whose tomb this is, right?” James was taken aback.

He did not know whose tomb this was.


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