The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5301

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5301-He shook his head slightly and said, “I have no idea.” “No idea?” The middleaged man was also surprised and asked, “I overheard your conversation in the shadows. You were obviously here before. How can you not know whose tomb this is?”

James replied, “Please enlighten me.”

The middle-aged man glanced at the two of them and smiled, saying, “Don’t be so nervous. I mean no harm.”

Despite that being sad, James remained cautious. The middle-aged man looked at the tomb ahead and continued,” This is the tomb of the Glaciem Race’s Lord.”

James was aware of the Glaciem Race. He had encountered references to them in the Dark Secrets. However, he had no clear understanding of what the Glaciem Race actually was.

The middle-aged man continued, ‘The Glaciem Race possessed a treasure called the Ulus. This treasure instilled fear in the Four Ancient Races of the Dark World, and they united to annihilate the Glaciem Race. However, they failed to obtain the Ulus, and it disappeared along with the extinction of the Glaciem Race. Over the centuries, countless beings have sought the Ulus, but all in vain.”

“Who are you, and how do you know so much?” James asked.

The middle-aged man laughed and replied, “I come from one of the Primeval Races, but I’m not one of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. I belong to the Taeyton Race. You can call me Latrusse.”

“Are you here for the Ulus?” James asked.

Latrusse shook his head and explained, “While the Ulus was regarded as a magical treasure, it was believed that obtaining it equated to gaining immortality.

However, the Taeyton Race inherently possessed formidable physical bodies, so the benefits of the Ulus to me were limited. I came here in search of another treasure of the Glaciem Race.”

James became intrigued. “Oh? What treasure is that?”

Latrusse explained, ‘The Glaciem Race was renowned as one of the most formidable races within the Primeval Races, and they possessed three treasures. The Ulus, the Ice Spirit, and the Ice Sword. I’m here for the Ice Sword.”

He did not conceal his intentions because he lacked expertise in deciphering the Glaciem Race’s primitive inscriptions. To acquire the Ice Sword, he required the assistance of the two humans from the Central Plane of the outside world.

James had heard of the Ulus but had never come across any rumors about the Ice Spirit or the Ice Sword. The same was true for Lemuel. In the Central Plane, only rumors of the Ulus circulated, with no mention of the Ice Spirit or the Ice Sword.

Seeing the two with puzzled expressions, Latrusse explained, ‘To be honest, considering my strength, I don’t particularly need this Ice Sword. It’s just that I have some unresolved conflicts with one of the Primeval Races, the Flamma Race’s Grand Patriarch. I intend to infiltrate the Flamma Race, but they are quite enigmatic, with their possession of Primitive Fire. Only by wielding the Ice Sword can I resist the effects of Primitive Fire.”

Lemuel asked, “What is the Ice Spirit?”

When the Ice Spirit was mentioned, Latrusse’s demeanor turned solemn. After pondering for a while, he finally said, ” No one knows what the Ice Spirit is.

There are rumors that it’s a spirit left behind by a powerhouse of the Glaciem Race. However, aside from the Glaciem Race, no other living beings possess knowledge of its true nature.”

Looking at the two, he asked, “Why have you come here?”

James did not hide anything and replied, “We’re here for the Ulus.”

“How about a partnership?” Latrusse wore a slight smile as he said, “Let’s join forces to break into the Glaciem Race Lord’s tomb. When the time comes, you can have the Ulus, and I can have the Ice Sword.”

“Agreed,” James replied without hesitation.

the Dark World. He viewed this as an opportunity to gain insight into the socalled Dark World or have Latrusse guide them to the Primeval Races there.

Lemuel transmitted a secret message, “James, you need to think this through carefully. He’s at the middle stage of the Holy Celestial Rank and incredibly powerful. We still don’t know what martial arts skills he might possess. If he becomes aware of any treasures and his intentions take a sinister turn, even with my proficiency in the Feimsurge Art, I might not be a match for him. I can ensure my own safety, but rescuing you could be a different story.”

James responded through their mental connection, “Special circumstances call for special measures. Besides, as you mentioned, he’s exceptionally powerful. If he wanted to harm us, he could have done so already, rather than waiting until now.”


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