The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5302

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5302-Latrusse was an excellent ally and a means for James to infiltrate the Primeval Races. With Latrusse accompanying them, he could rapidly gain knowledge about the Primeval Races and obtain the materials necessary to refine his new physical body.

Latrusse was a true powerhouse, with his cultivation realm having reached the middle stage of the Holy Celestial Rank. While he was not privy to James and Lemuel’s communication, he could likely deduce that they did not fully trust him.

He smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry. As I mentioned earlier, I have no interest in the Ulus. I only want the Ice Sword.” James smiled and gestured, saying, “Please proceed.”

Latrusse entered the tomb first, with James and Lemuel following behind. Once inside, they encountered a long passage.

James’ expression turned serious as he said, “Don’t underestimate this passage. It may appear simple, but it holds many hidden traps. One slight misstep and it could be deadly.”

‘This is the supreme formation of the Glaciem Race, the Myriad Turns Formation,” Latrusse recognized some clues and turned to James, expressing his appreciation. ‘The Myriad Turns Formation is truly remarkable. Your ability to reach the deepest part of the tomb in your previous life proves your strength.”

James modestly replied, “You jest, senior.”

Latrusse said, “No need to be modest. Even among the Primeval Races, very few can decipher this formation.”

“Let’s go,” James said, leading the way.

Although this was a super-scale formation, he had been here before and had already broken the formation. He moved ahead swiftly and soon reached a mechanism. He stopped to explain and guide them.

With two superpowerhouses by his side, they easily dismantled the local barrier and successfully bypassed the mechanism, continuing their journey. Under James’ guidance, Lemuel and Latrusse continuously broke through the formations. They ventured deeper and quickly reached the end of the tomb, i In this open area, a sarcophagus was placed in the central region. Despite the passage of countless ages, it remained unblemished. Back then, James had only managed to reach this point. The Dark Secrets he had acquired were obtained right here.

“This is it.” James paused and surveyed his surroundings, saying, “Back then, we pressed on through countless hardships and finally reached this place.

However, the last seal here proved unbreakable. Unfortunately, we had to retreat.”

Lemuel also cast a glance around. The stone walls were adorned with many mystical inscriptions that appeared to come to life, constantly shifting. In front of the sarcophagus stood a stone door, but the door bore a seal as well.

Latrusse walked toward the sarcophagus and pushed it open. Inside, there were only skeletons. He casually waved his hand, and the skeleton transformed into flesh, restoring the appearance of a humanoid figure. Upon seeing this, Latrusse said, “He is not the Glaciem Race’s Lord.”

James and Lemuel approached.

James furrowed his brows and asked, “Isn’t this supposed to be the tomb of the Glaciem Race’s Lord? If it’s not the leader, then who could it be?”

Latrusse said, ‘This is the son of the Glaciem Race’s Lord, the heir of the Glaciem Race. He was a true genius who had already reached the Holy Celestial Rank during the Glaciem Race’s siege. Despite being in the early stage of the rank, he was extraordinarily powerful.”


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