The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5304

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5304-Mountains, the land, and everything in this world were constructed from inscriptions. These inscriptions exuded a bone-chilling cold that made even James shiver. It was as if he had entered this world, or perhaps he had visualized it in his mind, or it could be that, in his understanding of the Glaciem Race’s primitive inscriptions, he had touched upon the ultimate Ice Curse.

The Ice Curse was the highest wisdom of the Glaciem Race’s primitive inscriptions. To comprehend it, one had to thoroughly understand the Glaciem Race’s primitive inscriptions. In his previous life, James had already grasped most of the Glaciem Race’s primitive inscriptions and had about ten percent comprehension of the Ice Curse.

Now, he was immersed in comprehending the Path. Lemuel and Latrusse had been waiting within the tomb for an epoch, but James had experienced a significant amount of time within the time formation.

At this point, James’ body surface began to freeze. It was a peculiar type of ice, seeming like inscriptions, ice blocks, or some mysterious force.

“This brat is truly exceptional,” Latrusse could not help but praise as he saw James in this state. “His current state indicates that he might have touched upon the core secrets of the Ice Curse. It may not be long before he fully comprehends it.”

Lemuel also wore a smile and asked, “How does he compare to the genius powerhouses of those Primeval Races?”

Latrusse thought for a moment and replied, “Even during the days of the Glaciem Race, only a few could truly grasp the core secrets. They were among the top Primeval Races, second only to the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. Now, there are countless talented powerhouses among the Primeval Races. Yet, when it comes to comprehension ability, James remains one of the very few. However, merely grasping the supreme secret of one Primeval Race isn’t remarkable. As far as I know, among the Dark Ancient Race today, there are super geniuses who excel in the primitive inscriptions of many Primeval Races.”

Latrusse acknowledged that James had exceptional comprehension, almost on par with the talented powerhouses from the Primeval Races. However, he lacked in comparison to the super-genius powerhouses of the Dark Ancient Race.

Lemuel refrained from making further comments since his knowledge was limited to countless planes and the Central Plane. He had no information about the Primeval Races, the Dark Ancient Race, or the extent of the talents among the Dark Ancient Race.

Lemuel seized the opportunity to ask, “Is the Dark Ancient Race powerful?”

‘They are indeed powerful.” A hint of solemnity appeared in Latrusse’s expression. ‘The Four Ancient Races from the Dark World are like four massive mountains, exerting their dominance over countless Primeval Races.”

“Do they have beings surpassing the Holy Celestial Rank among the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World?” Lemuel asked.

In his understanding, the Holy Celestial Rank was already immensely powerful, and a Holy Celestial Rank powerhouse could dominate the Central Plane and countless planes. However, he knew that cultivation had no bounds, and beyond the Holy Celestial Rank, there were undoubtedly higher realms of cultivation.

“Are you talking about the Transcendental Bliss Rank?” Latrusse asked.

‘The rank after the Holy Celestial Rank is the Transcendental Bliss Rank?”

Lemuel was slightly puzzled.

Latrusse shook his head slightly and remarked, “It’s merely a legend, much like the Holy Celestial Rank. Both are legendary in the Central Plane and countless planes of the outside world. I’ve heard of it, but no one has ever witnessed such a realm.”

Hearing this, Lemuel contemplated with a thoughtful expression.


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