The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5305

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5305-Latrusse continued, “In the outer planes, the Holy Celestial Rank is a legend for ordinary living beings, something passed down by the elders and recorded in ancient scrolls. Nobody has actually seen the Holy Celestial Rank. However, in the Primeval Races within the Dark World, the Holy Celestial Rank is not a legend. The legend is the Transcendental Bliss Rank.”

“What is the Transcendental Bliss Rank?” Lemuel asked.

Latrusse explained, “The Transcendental Bliss Rank is exactly what it sounds like, being entirely free from emotions and sentiment. It is said that reaching this realm means one no longer experiences the seven emotions and six desires that living beings possess.”

“Then why pursue this realm? Even if one reaches it, what’s the point?” Lemuel responded, showing little regard for it.

Latrusse said, “Leaving aside whether this realm actually exists, even if it does, there would undoubtedly be powerhouses aspiring to attain it. Who wouldn’t want to possess unrivaled power, to be the best? Even if one becomes emotionally detached, what difference would it make?”

Lemuel and Latrusse chatted in the tomb, delving into the Transcendental Bliss Rank.

Latrusse continued, “Perhaps the Transcendental Bliss Rank is the ultimate goal of cultivation, the endpoint. I can’t imagine what one would need to cultivate or how to further enhance their power once they reach this rank.”

Lemuel said, “Let’s not talk about the Transcendental Bliss Rank. Even the Holy Celestial Rank is a dream for countless living beings. Among the Primeval Races of the Dark World, the Central Plane, and countless planes, how many living beings can actually reach such a realm?”

“That’s true.” Latrusse nodded and added, “The Holy Celestial Rank is already the top-tier rank among the Primeval Races. A single Holy Celestial Rank powerhouse can protect the entire Primeval Race, enabling them to stand firm in the chaotic Dark World.”

While they chatted, the ice continued to accumulate on James’ body, and he transformed into an ice sculpture. This scene persisted for a long while.

“It’s happening,” Latrusse said as he saw the scene. “This brat should be close to mastering the Ice Curse and comprehending the supreme inscriptions of the Glaciem Race.”


At that moment, a cracking sound resounded. The ice on James’ body shattered, releasing an intense chill. Even Lemuel and Latrusse took a few steps back.

The ice on James’ body cracked open, and the inscriptions around his body disappeared. He slowly stood up from the ground, dispersed the time formation around him, and stretched his muscles. He felt the power of the Sovereign Sixth Rank within his body. A smile played on his lips.

“Have you figured it out?” Lemuel asked.

Latrusse also looked at James. While he speculated that James had comprehended the Ice Curse, it was still an assumption because he had never seen what the Ice Curse was like.

“Of course,” James said with confidence. “How can the inscriptions of a mere Primeval Races pose a challenge to me?”

‘That’s great,” Latrusse could not contain his excitement. ” With the mastery of the Ice Curse, we’re getting closer to breaking the final seal. Once I get the Ice Sword, I will have a chance to confront the Flamma Race.”

“Why all this talking? Quickly break the Seal Boundary,” Lemuel said impatiently.

James glanced at Latrusse and asked, “Sir, if the Ice Sword is found after the final seal is broken, would you consider taking me into the Dark World to meet those Primeval Races?”

Upon hearing this, Latrusse furrowed his brow and replied, ” Brat, I’d advise against it. The Primeval Races are all extremely arrogant, considering living beings from outer planes as inferior and insignificant. Going there won’t earn you any favors, and survival will be challenging.”


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