The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5306

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5306-The Primevals in the Dark World considered themselves superior and looked down upon the living beings from outside planes. They also scorned traveling to outside planes.

“I’m determined to confront these Primevals in the Dark World,” James said with a severe expression. He then asked, “Could you please share some information about the leader of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World, the Yeftero Race?”

Latrusse looked at James and asked, “The Yeftero Race? Why are you asking about them?”

“Just curious.”

“Brat, curiosity can be lethal. I advise you not to dig too deep.”

On the side, Lemuel chimed in, “His wife is about to be taken by the Yefteros.”

“Oh?” Latrusse’s interest was piqued.

James wore a helpless expression as he said, “My wife is a princess of the Mevryees, and I’ve learned that the Mevryees intend to ally with the Yefteros through a marriage arrangement, which means they want to marry off my wife.”

“Your wife is Thea Mabins, the princess of the Mevryee Race?” Latrusse was surprised. “There have been rumors that the Mevryee Race has a princess who possesses the Tenebrous Body. However, no one has ever seen Thea Mabins until recently, when the rumors that she will marry Yui Yeftero from the Yeftero Race sprang up.”

“You’ve been guarding this place for a long time. How do you know all this?”

James looked at Latrusse with suspicion.

Latrusse smiled and said, “Although I’ve been stationed here for a long time, I still keep myself updated on some major events in the Dark World. The news about Thea Mabins has been widely discussed recently, and my race specifically sent me the news.”

“Tell me about the Yefteros then.”

“Okay, since you’re determined,” Latrusse said. ‘The Yeftero Race is the leader among the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World. Their clan leader has an extremely high cultivation base. It’s said that they reached the peak of the Consummation Holy Celestial Rank countless years ago and are rumored to have taken half a step into the Transcendental Bliss Rank, there are numerous powerhouses at the Holy Celestial Rank among the Yefteros, and even the young talents are close to reaching that rank.”

‘This time, Thea Mabins is supposed to marry one of Yefteros’ geniuses, Yui Yeftero. He’s known as the leader among the Four Princes from the Dark World and is proficient in the primitive inscriptions of different races.

According to the information I received, he’s currently on the verge of reaching the Holy Celestial Rank. If he marries Thea, he’s expected to achieve the peak of the Consummation Holy Celestial Rank in a very short time.”

With these words, he looked at James and said, “I admit you have some talent, but with your current cultivation realm level, any powerhouse from the Yefteros could defeat you many times over. If you don’t want to die, it’s best not to provoke them.” 1 Upon hearing this, James clenched his fist involuntarily.

“James, if it doesn’t work out, just give up. Given your potential and background, countless extraordinary talents would gladly come to you,” Lemuel consoled him.

“I’m determined to confront the Yefteros,” James said with a determined expression.

“You’re brave.” Latrusse gave him a thumbs-up.

James looked at Latrusse and said, “Senior, all you need to do is bring me to the Primevals in the Dark World.”

Latrusse looked at James and said, “With your current strength, going to the Yeftero Race is a death wish. Since you insist on seeking death, my advice won’t matter.” With these words, James felt reassured. He asked, “Do you know where I can find rare materials to refine a new physical body?”

Latrusse looked at James and asked, “Could it be that all your efforts to find the Ulus are so you can use it to create an immortal body?”

“Hmm?” James was momentarily surprised. He had not considered using the Ulus to create an immortal body. He simply wanted to use the myriad Genesis Paths to refine a new physical body. Now, Latrusse’s words sparked an idea.

“You could say that.” He nodded.

Latrusse continued, “Even if you manage to obtain the Ulus and collect unique treasures to craft a new body, it won’t be enough to contend with the Yefteros.

Your cultivation realm is too low.”

James responded, ‘Til take it one step at a time. Without finding a solution, I’ll never be able to stand against them.”


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