The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5307

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5307-“Very determined. I like that,” Latrusse smiled and said, “If you’re seeking rare materials, you’ll have to go to the Tenebrae’s black market. It’s filled with rare materials that are seldom found in the outside world. The arena in the black market has even more. As long as you have the strength, it’s possible to defeat a Tenebrae.”

“The arena in the black market?” James looked puzzled.

Latrusse explained, “As the name suggests, it involves fighting in the battle arena. Before the fights, they verify your cultivation realm, and then they match you with living beings of corresponding realms to fight. If you win, you continue, and of course, you can challenge opponents at higher realms for even greater rewards.”

Latrusse briefly described the Dark World’s black market arena.

“During the fights, many big shots place bets. If you win, you’ll get all the items that were wagered.”

Lemuel asked, “What if I lose?” “You die,” Latrusse answered flatly.

James silently took note of the information. He intended to explore the black market in the Dark World once he found the Ulus.

“Having said all that, can you please open the final seal?” Latrusse was growing impatient.

James nodded lightly and walked towards the stone door ahead, standing in front of it.

On the stone door, there were mysterious lines crisscrossing, giving it an air of enigma. James raised his hand, and some mysterious inscriptions appeared in his palm. With a flick of his hand, the inscriptions floated toward the door, then disappeared into it.

At that moment, a chilling sensation swept over them. The mystical lines on the stone door became active, constantly flickering and changing positions.


Soon, a sound rang out. The Ice Curse on the stone door was dispelled, and some rocks fell off, revealing an ordinary stone door in their sight.

James was the first to walk over and gently pushed the door open. What they saw was a seemingly ordinary stone chamber.

Lemuel and Latrusse also entered the stone chamber.

Latrusse looked at the surroundings, furrowing his brows, and asked, “Why is there nothing here?” James also inspected the chamber. It was not large, with stone walls all around, and it appeared empty.

“There are hidden compartments,” Lemuel pointed to a section of the stone wall.

Latrusse walked over and lightly pressed on the wall. At that moment, a small door opened. Inside was an exquisite box. He took it out and opened it. An ancient scroll was put inside. He curiously unrolled it.

James and Lemuel leaned in to see. The characters on the scroll were unique but familiar to all three of them. These were the last words left by the Glaciem Lord before he passed away. On the ancient scroll, the whereabouts of the three Glaciem treasures were recorded.

‘Our race possesses three treasures. They are the Ulus, the Ice Spirit, and the Ice Sword. The clues to these three treasures lie within my daughter, who possesses the rare Glaciem Profound Body. My race may perish, but my daughter cannot die. Before the Glacies’ calamity, I sealed my daughter in a safe location. If future generations come to this place and follow the map on this scroll to find my daughter, release her from her seal, and nurture her growth, then they will obtain the three treasures of our tribe.’ At the end of the ancient scroll was a map.

After reading the contents of the ancient scroll, James, Lemuel, and Latrusse exchanged glances.

“What a hassle,” Latrusse grumbled with a touch of annoyance. “Making me run around again all just for an Ice Sword.”


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