The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5308

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5308-While the Ice Sword was a valuable treasure, it did not offer significant benefits to someone at Latrusse’s level. He needed the Ice Sword for his planned confrontation with the Flamma Race, as it was their bane.

James looked at the map on the ancient scroll and then at Latrusse, asking, “What place is this?” Latrusse carefully looked at the map for a while before responding, “The map marks a restricted zone in the Dark World called the Death Triangle.”

“What’s the history of the Death Triangle?” Lemuel could not help but ask.

Latrusse explained, “In the Dark World, dangerous regions, regions that are unpopulated by the Primevals or can threaten Holy Celestial Rank powerhouses are called restricted zones.

“I don’t know much about the Death Triangle. I’ve only looked through some records. There are rumors that it’s shaped like a triangle, hence the name. As for what it’s like inside, I have no idea. I’ve never been there, and I haven’t paid much attention to it.”

After hearing this, James said, “Let’s go explore the Death Triangle and find the Glaciem princess sealed within. We can obtain the Glacies’ three treasures from her.”

Latrusse nodded and said, “Yes, we can only go to the Death Triangle now. However, it’s a bit of a distance, so it will take some time. Since you’re looking for rare materials, we’ll pass through the area where the Yefteros reside on our way to the Death Triangle. The Yeftero Race is the leader among the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World, and within their territory, you’ll find the largest black market in the Dark World.”

Upon hearing this, James’ interest was piqued. He was confident in his ability to participate in the battle arena.

Although he was currently only at the early stage of the Sovereign Sixth Rank, he possessed various Supernatural Signature Skills, especially his Tressencia Completare Art, which was extremely powerful.

“Agreed.” James nodded.

“Let’s go,” Latrusse said as he put away the ancient scroll.

Subsequently, the three of them left the tomb.

As they exited the tomb, a powerful force erupted from within, causing the tomb to collapse instantaneously. Following this, the surrounding mountain ranges also crumbled and disappeared, leaving the area in disarray.

James and the others quickly left the area and soon found themselves in the Dark World. Guided by Latrusse, James and Lemuel swiftly navigated through the Dark World.

In the Dark World, it seemed that time could not be sensed. Time felt like it had passed for an eternity, yet it also felt like it had passed in an instant. During this journey, they encountered many regions in the Dark World. However, Latrusse chose not to enter any of them.

“We’ve arrived,” a voice suddenly sounded in the darkness.

Latrusse came to a halt and pointed at an area that had appeared in the Dark World. He said, “This is the place. It’s also the core area of the Dark World, and the most prosperous region.”

James looked at the spatial ahead, his expression filled with gravity, and muttered, “Is this where the Yefteros reside?” Latrusse glanced at him but did not say much, then continued walking. With a step forward, he entered the area. James and Lemuel followed closely behind.

As they entered, James immediately felt an intense and oppressive force emanating from the heavens and the earth. He sensed that the spatial structure here was extraordinarily sturdy, and he also felt a mysterious power in the surroundings


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