The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5309

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5309-“This is the Yeftero Race’s territory,” Latrusse explained. ” The regions in the Dark World are different from those in the outside planes. In each plane, there are countless galaxies and stars. However, the space here does not have universes or voids. It consists of one complete continent.”

He briefly explained the differences between the space in the Dark World and the outside planes. Other than this, there were not many differences.

“You probably haven’t been to the internal worlds of the Dark World yet. This time, I’ll show you around. Those so-called treasures and terrific secret Supernatural Art in the outside planes mean nothing among the Primevals of the Dark World. As long as you have the Genesis Path Stone, you can exchange them for everything you need.”

James could not help but ask, “What is the Genesis Path Stone?”

Lemuel was also curious. Although he was a Holy Celestial Rank powerhouse, he had never been to the Dark World and was not very familiar with the Primevals of the Dark World.

Latrusse explained, “Genesis Path Stone, also known as Dark Stone, is the universal currency in the Dark World. Each Genesis Path Stone contains extremely potent power that can be directly absorbed and refined. Inside the stone, there is also the Dark Genesis Path concealed within. In simpler terms, it’s somewhat akin to the Genesis Path in outside planes.”

After this explanation, both James and Lemuel understood. Guided by Latrusse, they traversed one city after another, eventually arriving outside a bustling and majestic city.

The city was vast, and at first glance, its end could not be seen.

‘This is Yeftero City, a city under the Yefteros’ control, and one of the top cities in the Dark World,” Latrusse introduced it to them.

James and Lemuel followed him into the city.

Upon entering, they found wide streets with shops lining both sides and vendors at the entrance of these shops, selling a variety of items. James looked around and was taken aback. At any random stall, he spotted a Genesis Holy Herb. He could not help but swallow hard.

Latrusse smiled and said, “It’s just a first-grade Genesis Holy Herb, nothing too prestigious. In the Yeftero Race’s treasure pavilion, eight or nine-grade Genesis Holy Herbs are abundant, and there are even Genesis Path Herbs that surpass the Genesis Holy Herb. As long as you have the strength and Genesis Path Stone, you can have anything you want.”

James took a deep breath. The Dark World was indeed extraordinary, and far more powerful than the outside planes.

“Shall we browse around or go directly to the black market?” Latrusse asked James.

“Let’s go to the black market,” James replied.

Right now, he only wanted to gather the materials needed for refining his new body as quickly as possible. Once he obtained the Ulus, he would find a place to seclude himself for the refining process.

“Alright, follow me,” Latrusse said with a smile and walked ahead.

Under his guidance, James and Lemuel arrived at a spiritual mountain in the city. This mountain was quite mystical.

When looked at from a distance, there were numerous folded spaces in the sky, with each space being a battle arena. Surrounding these arenas were various items and goods.

Latrusse stood outside the spiritual mountain and explained, ‘These are the battle arenas of the black market. Anyone can place bets, and if you win the bet, you can obtain more items. If you lose, you only lose your wager. This is a place for a fresh start, but it’s also a place where countless living beings have faced doom. In any case, this is a great place. As for how great, you’ll find out soon.”


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