The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5310

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5310-Guided by Latrusse, James and Lemuel followed the path toward the spiritual mountain. As they arrived at the foot of the mountain, they were blocked by some guards.

These guards had exceptionally strong cultivation realms, all of them reaching the peak of the Great Celestial Rank, and the captain of the guard was even the Martial Celestial Rank powerhouse.

James took a deep breath. A Martial Celestial Rank powerhouse, in the context of the outside planes, would be considered a high-level Plane Lord at the very least.

However, here in the deepest part of the Dark World, he was only guard captain.

Latrusse quickly explained to James and Lemuel, “They are just verifying your assets.”

With that, he casually revealed a storage magical treasure and slightly opened it, revealing numerous Genesis Path Stones inside. When the guards saw this, they immediately understood that Latrusse was extraordinary and did not dare to be negligent. They promptly made their way.

“Let’s go,” Latrusse said and entered the mountain.

Upon entering the spiritual mountain, an alluring woman approached. She appeared very young, possibly in her twenties, wearing a colorful dress that revealed a bewitching allure.

“Three of you, what would you like to do?” the woman asked, swaying her alluring figure.

“We’re here for a fight,” Latrusse directly replied.

“You? Fight?” The woman glanced at Latrusse and smiled, ” The clan leader of the Taeyton Race comes here to fight? How many living beings in the entire Dark World can accompany you in this endeavor?”

Latrusse’s identity was recognized, but he remained calm. As a middle-stage Holy Celestial Rank powerhouse, his strength was one of the strongest in the Dark World.

Latrusse pointed at James and said, “Of course not me, it’s this young man.” The woman glanced at James, knowing that he was only at the early stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank. She smiled and nodded, saying, “Since you’re here, you should know the rules. What kind of treasures can you bring to the table?”

James looked puzzled at Latrusse.

Latrusse explained, “What kind of treasures you can offer depends on what others are willing to stake against you.”

“Let’s go and assess your cultivation realm first,” the woman said.

James nodded lightly and followed her.

Latrusse followed closely and explained, “Brat, don’t underestimate this woman.

She’s in charge of this spiritual mountain and the living beings of the Yeftero Race. She holds a high position among the Yefteros. Don’t be misled by her beauty and try to woo her, or else you might find yourself in a tough spot.”

James was not concerned about such matters. Latrusse continued to explain, “The fight is relatively straightforward. If you want to participate, you’ll need to put up some treasures as your wager. The person in charge will match you with opponents according to your cultivation realm. The gamblers from the outside world may be interested in the treasures you wager, so they place their bets. Of course, the Yefteros will also put up equivalent treasures as stakes.”

“The gamblers make their bets. If they bet on you to win, and you do, they receive the treasures put up by the Yeftero Race. If they lose, the treasures they wagered go into the prize pool. If you continue winning, the items in the prize pool will accumulate. This will attract more gamblers to bet.”

After hearing Latrusse’s explanations, James understood. Soon, he was taken to a room on the spiritual mountain.

Upon the woman’s signal, James entered the room. It was a sealed room with mystical inscriptions covering the walls. As soon as he entered, these inscriptions came to life, as if they had a life of their own.

Then, a mysterious force swept over him. It did not harm him in any way, but James felt it entering his body and examined everything about him.

Outside the room, there was an illusionary screen on the wall.


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