The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5311

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5311-Various numbers and data were displayed on the screen. Detailed information regarding James’ powers which included his cultivation rank, soul power, and many other aspects were listed on it.

Several staff members quickly recorded all the information. A few minutes later, James came out of the room.

Latrusse grinned broadly at him. “Forty-nine, what treasures are you planning to offer as your bet?”

James gave it some thought. He had mastered quite a few signature skills and secret arts, which were greatly sought after in the outside world. However, those in the Dark World would hardly show any interest in them.

The only items he had that were of high value were the Supremusse Lotus and the Supremusse Sword.

James lifted his hand and conjured those two items the next instant.

“I’ll offer this herb and the sword as my bet, then,” James said.

As soon as the lady took those items from James, she could tell they were valuable.

The lady passed those objects to one of her guards. “Send these for an appraisal. After that, prepare items that are of equal value to them.”

“Understood,” The guard replied dutifully.

The lady flashed a smile at Latrusse. “This man must be pretty special since he has your recommendation, the Taeyton Race’s leader. It seems the Taeytons are looking to win big in our casino this time.”

Latrusse merely smiled amiably.

Truthfully, all he did was show James the way there. It was none of his business whether James could win heaps of prizes from the casino or lose his life there.

Moreover, he had no clue as to how strong James was.

Details of a cultivator’s cultivation rank were not enough to reflect that person’s true potential. There were many instances where cultivators managed to defeat or kill opponents of higher cultivation ranks during battle, especially in the Dark World.

“Follow me, sir. I’ll take you to the arena.” The lady smiled at James.

“Mhm.” James nodded.

The lady led James to a spiritual mountain, and the two of them stopped before a collapsible space.

Upon entering the collapsible space, James found himself arriving in an empty arena. He could see nothing except for the huge arena inside that unique space.

Then, James waited patiently in the arena.

Meanwhile, Latrusse and Lemuel were brought to a spacious area with many seats prepared for the audience. Countless cultivators were already there. They were either chattering or watching the matches happening in the different collapsible spaces displayed in that area.

Lemuel spotted the collapsible space that was showing James’ arena.

Latrusse explained, “All we have to do now is wait. After the Yefteros are done assessing Forty-nine’s items, they will offer objects of equal value. Then, those items used as bets will appear in the space that holds Forty-nine’s arena. The Yefteros will also appoint an opponent for Forty-nine, and they will announce the opening for betting.”

Lemuel asked, “Will the Yefteros pick Forty-nine’s opponent according to his cultivation rank? Doesn’t that mean that the Yefteros can decide who wins in a battle?”

“You’re right.” Latrusse continued, “In a way, the Yefteros have the power to decide the winner of each match.

However, that could change under certain circumstances. If Forty-nine is strong enough, he may be able to overcome the Yefteros’ control and influence in the matches.

“Still, the results of these matches are generally decided by the Yefteros. They have cultivators with unrivaled powers at almost every cultivation rank amongst their people.

“When the Yefteros cannot control the results of a certain contestant’s matches anymore, they will then open up the arena to the public. Any cultivators of the same cultivation rank as the contestant are allowed to issue a challenge. The person who wins takes home all the prizes.”


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