The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5312

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5312-Just as James was waiting silently in the arena, the Supremusse Lotus and Supremusse Sword suddenly appeared high up in the air.

Below the lotus and the sword, there were inscriptions indicating that those items were bets provided by James, the contestant. That was his prize pool.

A brief moment later, the items prepared by the Yefteros materialized in mid-air at the other side of the arena. They were herbs and secret art scrolls that were of similar value to James’ items.

The rules of the betting were fairly simple.

Any person who wished to win the items offered in the prize pools was allowed to make a bet.

A few minutes later, a beam of light landed a few steps away from James in the arena. As the light faded, James could see a man in a black robe. The man had reached the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank.

“I’m Sigge Bheriel.” The man bowed slightly.

James merely nodded in response.

“Oh! The fight is about to start soon!”

Latrusse could not hold back his excitement. He said in a raised voice, “I’m placing my bet on Forty-nine!”

Latrusse conjured several pieces of Genesis Path Stones and hurled them in the direction of James’ collapsible space. Those stones appeared right below the Supremusse Lotus and Supremusse Sword the next instant.

If James were to win the match, Latrusse would receive items of equal value to his bets provided by the Yeftero Race.

‘The battle of the Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivators is about to start!”

‘The sword and the herb are of fine quality.”

“Some people have placed their bets. I’ll keep an eye on that guy to see how he performs first.”

‘That Sovereign Sixth Rank contestant must be quite good if he could provide that superb weapon as one of his bets.

Otherwise, not only will he lose the weapon soon, but he will also lose his life during the match.”

Many cultivators in the audience directed their attention to James’ arena. Most of them were intrigued by the items offered by James as his bet.

“It’s Sigge Bheridon from the Yefteros.”

“Sigge’s powers are quite impressive. The Yefteros had given Sigge specialized training. He’s practically unrivaled among cultivators of the Sovereign Sixth Rank. What’s more, he’s entered the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank whereas the other guy, Forty-nine, has only achieved the early stage of the same rank.” “I like the sword. Also, I don’t think that guy can defeat Sigge.”

The cultivator who said that had placed his bet on Sigge. If Sigge came out victorious during the battle, the cultivator would be able to win James’ sword since he had offered an item of similar value to it.

“Someone else has also placed their bets! In the beginning, there won’t be that many people placing their bets since the initial prize pool is quite small. If Fortynine can last a few rounds, the prize pool will slowly grow larger,” Latrusse explained.


The referee, a young lady in a white dress, materialized in the center of the arena.

She looked at James. ‘The fight is about to begin. The rules of these battles are very simple. Except for talismans, contenders are allowed to use any powers and tactics during the battle.”

Talismans were a very unique and powerful type of weapon.

The talismans produced by superior cultivators could unleash an overwhelming amount of destructive forces. It was considered unfair for any of the contenders to use weapons like that.

“During the battle, you may choose to give up and admit defeat at any point.

Your lives will be spared, but you’ll lose your bets. If you want to win, the only way to do that is to kill your opponent.” 2 The lady disappeared right after making the announcement.

As soon as the referee was gone, Sigge said in a monotonous voice, “I hope you’re ready.”

James stood in the same spot, completely unmoving. He was not worried in the slightest about facing a cultivator in the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank.

He had bigger plans on his mind that day.


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