The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5313

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5313-Sigge moved the next instant. He teleported and reappeared before James. The man balled his fist and slammed it down onto James’ head forcefully.

The gusts of wind generated by Sigge’s movements even made cracks in the sturdy walls of the collapsible space.

Sigge’s fist was only a few centimeters away from James’ head when James vanished from the spot. He had re- emerged several meters away.


The immense force generated from Sigge’s attack made a large indent and multiple cracks on the floor.

Sigge spotted James’ location and teleported toward him right away.

Both of them held up their fists and threw a punch at each other simultaneously.


A deafening sound reverberated through the space as James’ and Sigge’s powers collided.

James was thrown backward in the air. At the same time, he felt a vicious energy affecting his entire body. James did not manage to counter the energy with his powers in time, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood involuntarily.

“He’s quite strong.”

James was rather surprised by Sigge’s abilities.

He had underestimated Sigge’s powers since his opponent was only a Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivator.

The thing that James was not aware of was that the Yefteros had run a careful assessment of his physical condition and powers. Therefore, they would only select opponents whose powers were not below James’.

Just then, Sigge teleported and came up close to James again. Before James could react, Sigge had started throwing heavy punches at James’ body.

At that moment, James unleashed the highest amount of Martial Path Power he could generate and activated the Heart Power.

With those immense energies circulating in his body, James managed to break away from Sigge’s continuous attacks.

James wielded the Blithe Omniscience and appeared next to Sigge this time. He launched a swift attack at Sigge and annihilated his opponent almost instantaneously.

Sigge possessed powers and abilities superior to the common Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivators. However, he did not stand a chance against James when the latter started using the Martial Path Power.

As soon as Sigge was exterminated, the items offered by the Yefteros and those who bet on Sigge winning were transferred to James’ prize pool.

“Forty-nine has a few tricks up his sleeve, huh?” Latrusse curled his lips.

Since James had won the match, Latrusse would be able to retrieve the items he offered as bets. Moreover, he had also won items of equal value to his bet.

Soon afterward, the Yefteros provided items that were of similar value to James’ now bigger prize pool.

Lemuel turned his gaze toward Latrusse. “Are you going to increase your bet?”

Latrusse’s grin broadened. “I’ll hold and observe for now. The real fun begins when Forty-nine’s prize pool grows up to a certain amount and gains more attention from the audience.”

Lemuel stared at James’ arena pensively. “If Forty-nine keeps on winning, won’t the Yefteros lose all their treasures at some point?”

Latrusse let out a hearty laugh. “The Yefteros are the most powerful race out of the Four Ancient Races. These people are loaded. Forty-nine can’t possibly win all of the Yefteros’ treasures.” Lemuel was feeling curious and excited to see how James’ subsequent matches would turn out. He was certain James could win at least another four or five rounds since he knew very well about James’ true potential and capabilities.

Lemuel asked, “Will the Yefteros only select opponents of the Sovereign Sixth Rank for Forty-nine’s matches?” Latrusse shook his head. “That is subject to change. If the Yefteros’ side keeps on losing, they’ll change the rules and send someone of higher cultivation rank to fight Forty-nine. They might even open the arena to the public and allow those of higher cultivation ranks to challenge Forty-nine. They will try to keep the gap of cultivation rank between the contenders small unless James demonstrates unbeatable, impeccable powers later on.”


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