The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5314

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5314-The name of the lady in charge of monitoring James’ arena was Clotilde Yeftero.

Clotilde was an elite member of the Yeftero Race that had achieved the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank.

Under normal circumstances, Clotilde would not have to deal with these mundane tasks. However, it was only right for her to attend their guest this time since Latrusse, the leader of the Taeyton Race, was here.

After looking at the assessment of James’ strength and powers conducted in the special room, Clotilde chose an opponent who was strong enough to fight James.

She had expected the first match to last longer since both men were supposed to be equally matched. She was rather shocked to find that James could wield the unique Martial Path Power. With that power, James easily defeated Sigge and won the first battle.

After a brief pause, Clotilde immediately instructed her men to get the second challenger from the Yeftero Race ready for the next match.

Meanwhile, James was in deep thought as he stood silently in the arena. He was considering how he could earn as many resources as he could from these battles for his cultivation.

Since his second opponent had not shown up in the arena, James decided to stop using the Martial Path Power for the time being.

Suddenly, James coughed up more blood.

“Huh?” Latrusse rose to his feet. “Forty-nine is wounded.”

Clotilde smirked as she caught sight of it as well. “I knew it. It’s not like we can easily come across genius cultivators every day. He managed to kill Sigge Bheridon easily, but Forty-nine had nonetheless suffered severe injuries in the process.”

The audience who were watching the match happening in James’ collapsible space also noticed that James was injured and his aura was unstable.

A few minutes later, James’ second opponent materialized in the arena. The man was still a Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivator who had achieved the late stage of that rank.

James’ opponent was a beefy man. The man with a menacing expression showcased his firm, powerful muscles as he appeared in the arena topless.

“The Yefteros have sent one of their trained assassins!”

“It seems they don’t want to let Forty-nine win the next match.”

Most of the cultivators in the audience were certain that the results of this battle were pretty much decided.

The Yefteros had dispatched a skilled assassin, who would most likely overpower James in an instant.

Almost everyone thought that James would surely lose this time.

As soon as the betting was opened, some cultivators hurriedly placed their bets on the contender from the Yeftero Race.

James’ prize pool was relatively small at the moment. Since the Yefteros would close the betting once they received enough items to match the value of James’ prize pool, the audience would have to act quickly enough to be able to join the betting.

Soon enough, the betting was officially closed.

James stared at his opponent. He could sense a sinister aura from the man.

All of a sudden, the man lunged at him. James tried his best to dodge the man’s attacks. However, James could not seem to move faster than the trained assassin.

In a matter of seconds, James had sustained multiple cuts all over his body. He even had several huge, bloody gashes over his chest.

It was a long, arduous battle. James continued to launch his attacks at his opponent despite receiving hits repeatedly.

Eventually, James managed to kill the assassin with his seemingly relentless effort.

Unfortunately, James ended up in a completely bloodied and disheveled state after the second match.

James’ breathing was ragged as he lay sprawled on the floor.

Lemuel furrowed his brows as he stared at the weakened James.

While they were at the Supremusseum, James had managed to defeat a Great Celestial Rank cultivator with his Sovereign Third Rank powers. Although the powers of the Supremusse Sword contributed partially to his success, James’ skills and abilities were nevertheless imperative during that match.

Moreover, James had mastered many signature skills, including the Feimsurge Art. It was strange that James had gotten so badly beaten up when he had yet to unleash those skills.

“That guy…”

It gradually dawned on Lemuel. James was trying to appear weak and vulnerable.

“He managed to win in the end?!”


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