The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5315

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5315-“That guy is super lucky!’ “Not only is he lucky, but he is also incredibly resilient.

Still, I think this is as far as it gets for him. With his condition, he’s definitely going to lose during the next match.” The audience was mostly skilled and experienced cultivators themselves. They could tell that James was not faking it and he had sustained actual severe injuries.

In their opinion, James was merely hanging by a thread at that point.

“That man is pretty good.” Clotilde could not help but feel amazed as she watched James lying flat on his back in a corner of the arena.

A few minutes later, she sent another one of their men into the arena. Clotilde did not send a trained assassin again. Instead, James’ third opponent was another Sovereign Sixth Rank cultivator of the late stage.

At the same time, the betting was opened to the audience again.

None of the spectators dared place their bets on James after looking at how weak he was at the moment.

Furthermore, the items in James’ prize pool were a great attraction to many cultivators since they were of precious value. People quickly placed their bets on the cultivator from the Yeftero Race.

Shortly afterward, the battle commenced.

“Sir, you shouldn’t have participated in these battles if you’re not strong enough.”

The third Yeftero challenger looked at James with scorn.

At that very moment, James leaped to his feet and unleashed an overwhelming wave of aura. He focused all of his powers at the center of his palm and charged toward his opponent.

The man did not even realize what had happened when James pierced through his opponent’s chest with his fist in a flash. The man’s eyes bulged with bewilderment. Then, he dropped heavily onto the floor, seemingly lifeless.

James fell face down onto the floor simultaneously.

The audience was amused after seeing what had just happened.

‘That guy managed to launch a lethal attack during the final moments of his life!”

“Anyone can finish him off now that he’s used up all his powers for that attack.”

“Heh! Interesting.” Clotilde gave a low chuckle.

She soon arranged for another challenger with the same cultivation rank as the previous challengers to enter James’ arena.


“How fascinating!”

“That guy has only achieved the early stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank, but he’s managed to win three matches now! If he decides to stop the battle now, he will be able to take away all those treasures right away. It’s a gain for him even though he’s ended up with all those injuries.”

“Is he not leaving the arena?” “He won’t be able to last another battle.”

“We should place our bets on the Yefteros’ side. They’ll surely win this time!”

“I think everything that’s happened in Forty-nine’s arena may have been part of the Yefteros’ plans. This phenomenon is quite common in these places. The Yefteros could have asked James to act weak so that they could earn more from the bettors.”

James’ prize pool had grown larger after he won the first few rounds. If he could continue winning, the Yefteros would have to provide new items of bigger value on their side during each round to match James’ prize pool.

If James happened to lose at any point during the battle, he would lose all the winnings he earned so far.

For these fights, the winners were required to offer part of their winnings as a processing fee to the Yeftero Race.

Therefore, the Yefteros would anyhow make a profit through these battles.

By organizing these fights, the Yefteros were able to accumulate various resources for their people’s training and cultivation annually.

Meanwhile, Latrusse was amazed by how long James had lasted in these battles. He did not expect James to win so many battles in that weakened condition.

“Can Forty-nine last another round?” Latrusse turned his eyes to Lemuel.

He barely knew anything about James, but he was certain that Lemuel would know more than him.

Lemuel shook his head. “He’s barely holding up with all those injuries in his body now. He even spent all his powers during that final blow. Moreover, his opponents have all entered the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank at the very least. He won’t make it out alive for the next match.”

Lemuel kept a straight face as he made up those lies smoothly.


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