The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5316

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5316-During the last match, James had exhausted all of his powers, be it from his raw body or from his cultivation base, to eliminate his opponent.

He was now akin to a candle in the wind.

Soon enough, the Yefteros had decided on James’ next opponent, who was also a cultivator in the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank.

At this point, not a single person in the audience placed their bets on James since all of them thought he would lose this time.

“I am placing my bet on Forty-nine.”

Latrusse produced a Genesis Holy Herb.

“Do you not mind losing the herb?” Lemuel glanced at him.

Latrusse grinned. “Forty-nine seems to be a rather ambitious and resourceful person. I don’t think he’s going to lose so easily. He probably has some sort of backup plan.”

A faint smile hung on Lemuel’s face as he listened to Latrusse. He too had offered some of his treasures and bet on James winning.

If James were to win the next match, Lemuel and Latrusse would also win treasures equivalent to the items they had used as bets from James’ growing prize pool.

Lemuel asked, “Won’t the Yefteros eventually send one of their skilled, genius cultivators to defeat James and win back all of the prizes?”

Latrusse snickered, ‘That’s bound to happen, of course.

That way, the Yefteros could avoid suffering huge losses. The only ones who are losing in the end are the bettors.”

Just then, a new challenger materialized in the arena.

“I’m Morin Yeftero, a member of the Yeftero Race.”

The man bowed slightly and politely introduced himself.

Then, he asked smilingly, “Are you able to continue fighting, sir? I think you should seriously consider giving up now. That way, you’d at least get to make it out of here alive.”

“A challenger at the peak of the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank.”

“It seems the Yefteros are done fooling around. They want to put an end to Forty-nine now.”

The cultivators in the audience discussed fervently among themselves.

James slowly climbed to his feet and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips.

He said through ragged breathing, “I won’t admit defeat. You can come at me with everything you have.”

“You had your chance…”

Morin’s face darkened. As soon as he finished saying that, Morin teleported and re-emerged before James. At the same time, he threw a mighty punch at James’ abdomen.

James was sent flying through the air. The audience could instantly see new cracks appearing on James’ body where he got hit.

All along, James had tried to enhance and perfect his skills and physical condition at every cultivation rank. Still, without using any of his powers or abilities, James was no match for someone like Morin, who was at the peak of the late stage of Sovereign Sixth Rank.

Curiously enough, James survived that powerful strike. It seemed like he could still last in the battle despite his severe injuries.

‘Tsk tsk!”

‘The challenger did not hold back at all. That guy is seriously trying to finish Forty-nine off.”

Some of the audience could not bear to watch the scene as James was getting beaten to a pulp.

At that very moment, huge amounts of energy were released from some of the microcosms existing in James’ body. In a matter of seconds, those energies filled James’ body and boosted his aura tremendously.

James had activated the Defying Heavens Art.

Still, he did not unlock all the microcosms in his body and unleash all the energy stored in them. He had to keep his act going.


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