The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5317

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5317-James was determined to win these battles. However, he wanted to defeat his opponents and win only by a slight margin.

That way, the Yefteros would not be alerted by his performance.

James obtained a boost of power by partially activating the Defying Heavens Art. Although Morin’s powers were still superior to his, James was finally able to defend himself from Morin’s attacks.

This time, the battle lasted for a few days. Eventually, James managed to kill his opponent as he kept on battling fiercely and pulled through despite the odds.

Once he was done, James flopped down on the floor as he appeared completely spent.

‘That guy has several aces up his sleeve. I didn’t expect him to win in his condition.”

“Wow! His prize pool has gotten so huge.”

Most of the audience could not keep their eyes off the treasures accumulated in James’ prize pool.

On the other hand, Clotilde remained silent as she stared at the man lying motionless on the floor.

“Send one of our Petit Celestial Rank members in for the next battle.”

This time, Clotilde decided to dispatch a Petit Celestial Rank challenger into James’ arena.

“A Petit Celestial Rank challenger!”

“It’s an inter-rank battle now!”

‘The Yefteros are getting serious.”

There was a small commotion in the crowd as the audience spotted a Petit Celestial Rank cultivator appearing in the arena.

Latrusse seemed rather excited as well. “It’s the final round, then.”

Lemuel frowned slightly upon hearing his words. “What do you mean final round?” Latrusse explained, “We are seeing a challenger whose cultivation rank is higher than Forty-nine’s entering the arena now. If Forty-nine wins the next match, he can then lock down his prize pool. No one is allowed to place their bets on him from that point onward. Instead, they could only bet on the Yefteros’ side for the subsequent matches.”

‘The real fun begins now. Each time Forty-nine wins a battle after this, the total amount of prizes he wins gets doubled!”

Lemuel nodded as he listened to Latrusse’s explanation.

In other words, the cultivators outside would not be able to place their bets on James once he wins the next battle. At the same time, the Yefteros would have to be more sensible in their decisions moving forward.

If James were to declare that he was done with the challenges at any point unfavorable to the Yefteros, they would not be able to get back any of the treasures that they had lost so far.

Apart from that, the Yefteros would most likely not provide any more treasures for James’ subsequent matches.

Instead, they would open and accept the bets from the audience.

Therefore, the inter-rank battle marked the beginning of a new format in how the Yefteros handle the betting.

Normally, the Yefteros would only initiate the inter-rank battles after the contestant had won up to a certain number of battles.

However, Clotilde was no ordinary member of the Yeftero Race. She had been given the authority to oversee and manage these arenas because of her capabilities.

Clotilde had noticed that James was pretending to be weak to try and grow his prize pool.

If she continued to send in challengers of the Sovereign Sixth Rank, the Yefteros would gradually lose more and more treasures with each match.

‘The inter-rank battle is about to begin.”

“It’s been a while since we got to see one. I’m glad I’ve decided to come this time.”

“Doesn’t Clotilde think too highly of that guy? How is he going to fight a Petit Celestial Rank cultivator in that condition?”

“Well, you shouldn’t forget the fact that he defeated all his previous opponents in that condition.”

Clotilde was seated in a chair inside a room on top of a tall tower.

Her guard who had achieved the late stage of Martial Celestial Rank asked curiously, “Ms. Clotilde, was it necessary for us to send a Petit Celestial Rank member to fight that man?”

A faint smile played across Clotilde’s lips. “He was brought here by Latrusse Theratus, the Taeytons’ leader, and he came from the lands outside the Dark World. Initially, I didn’t think much of him. However, judging by what has happened so far, this man is no ordinary cultivator. Just keep watching.

Eventually, those betting against him are going to suffer a huge loss. Yet, the Yefteros will still be the biggest winner.” Clotilde was convinced after having watched all of James’ battles thus far.

“I hope he succeeds in defeating the Petit Celestial Rank cultivator. That’ll prove that I’m right,” Clotilde muttered to herself.

While some cultivators in the audience were intrigued by the various treasures appearing in James’ prize pool, most of the other cultivators were watching the match with more caution.


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