The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5318

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5318-In the Dark World, some cultivators were capable of defeating those with higher cultivation ranks, but most of them were geniuses from the more prominent groups of Primevals. Usually, these geniuses would not engage in an inter-rank battle recklessly.

Apart from that, people from the Dark World knew very little about the world and life beyond their region. They were not interested in those remote areas since they regarded the beings there to be inferior to them.

Still, they had caught wind of news about some of the powerful, competent cultivators from outside the Dark World.

The more sensible cultivators did not rush to bet against James even though he appeared exhausted and badly injured. It was because they did not have any information about James’ true potential and background.

On the other hand, some cultivators could not resist the temptation of gambling since the odds seemed to be in their favor.

Some of them even planned to use all their possessions and treasures to bet on the challenger from the Yefteros. That way, they might have a chance to win a good portion of James’ prize pool.

As soon as the betting was opened, those cultivators quickly placed their bets.

In a flash, the value of the treasures accumulated in the Yefteros’ prize pool matched that of James’ prize pool.

“I am Horus Yeftero, and I have entered the early stage of Petit Celestial Rank.”

Horus stared at James, who was still lying on the floor. ‘You should stop acting weak and start giving your all now if you do not wish to die.”

The Yefteros had realized that James’ performance during his previous battles was all an act.

“The early stage of Petit Celestial Rank?”

James curled his lips. He got to his feet slowly and activated his life power. As his body was instantly filled with energy, the wounds scattered around his body healed at an amazing speed.

Then, he produced several herbs and quickly absorbed them to replenish his powers.

“As I’ve expected, that Forty-nine is not as weak as he appears. I’m glad I held back from betting on the Yefteros’ side just now.”

Those who did not place their bets on Horus felt slightly relieved, whereas those who did were cheering him on inwardly.

“Even if Forty-nine has some sort of backup plan for these battles, I’d say it’s still quite difficult for him to win against a Petit Celestial Rank cultivator,” one of Horus’ supporters commented.

Inside the arena, James was staring at his opponent silently.

He had learned the rules of these battles beforehand. Thus, he was aware that no one in the audience would be allowed to bet on him anymore if he were to win the next match.

James stretched his back and said calmly, “It’s been some time since I’ve last fought seriously. You should use every skill you’ve learned. Otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat me.”

“You bastard!” Horus’ expression hardened. He teleported the next instant and reappeared right before James.

James raised his fist to counter Horus’ attack.


As both of their fists came into contact, the tremendous force generated threw James backward in the air. Long, huge cracks formed along James’ arm.

Without using any of the signature skills, James was no match for Horus.

Horus had no intention of cutting James any slack.


A violet beam of light shot down from the sky as Horus conjured a purple sword in his palm.

Horus swung his sword heavily in James’ direction and generated thousands of violet sword energies aiming for his target.

James immediately activated the Marciais Path and unleashed the Martial Path Power. In an instant, James’ aura increased drastically. Then, he swiftly conjured a protective barrier around him.

Unfortunately, James’ protective barrier shattered as soon as the violet sword energies rained down on it. Deep cuts formed on James’ skin as he was hit by the sword energies.

Even when he had channeled the Martial Path Power, James could barely hold up against Horus.

The Yefteros had been giving Horus special training to prepare him for these battles. Horus was considered unmatched in his current cultivation rank. Only genius cultivators from the Primevals could probably defeat someone of his caliber.


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