The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5319

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5319-James wielded the Blithe Omniscience and avoided the rest of the sword energies. He eventually stopped at a safe spot to catch his breath.

“He’s got some skills,” James muttered under his breath.

James could tell that the powers from the Marciais Path would not be enough to help him take out Horus.

After a moment’s consideration, James decided to unleash the Defying Heavens Art.

He unlocked all the microcosms in his body and performed the thirty-three steps. In a matter of seconds, James’ aura grew exponentially as it combined with the aura from his surroundings.

On the other hand, Horus felt an overwhelming pressure coming down onto his body at that moment. He dropped from the sky and crashed heavily onto the floor the next instant. The force was so great that it even made a deep hole in the concrete.


A violet light beam shot toward the sky as Horus managed to overcome the pressure and flew out of the hole.

James was able to cause some damage to Horus by using the Defying Heavens Art to enhance his powers and aura. Unfortunately, it was still not enough to exterminate Horus.

During that short amount of time, Horus generated and unleashed a vicious sword path energy.

James stood rooted to the spot as he was momentarily affected by the energy.

As he came back to his senses, James found that blood was gushing out of an open wound in his abdomen. Just a few seconds ago, Horus’ purple sword had pierced through that part of James’ body and caused the injury.

At the same time, James was swept several meters away by the tremendous sword path energy.

Even with the powers of the Marciais Path and the Defying Heavens Art, James was having difficulty defending himself from Horus’ attacks.

However, James was not going to use too many of his other signature skills since the battle had just started. He had decided to stick to this plan, which was enough to keep him alive, while he tried to eliminate Horus.

James took a more careful approach as the battle with Horus dragged on.

He would perform the Blithe Omniscience to avoid lethal attacks and ambush Horus whenever he spotted the opportunity.

As time went on, James would occasionally unleash or activate some signature skills that were rather common or mediocre. He had not once used any of the superb, powerful signature skills, which were all his trump cards.

The battle between James and Horus lasted for more than a month.

James had sustained multiple injuries after that long month. However, Horus just could not seem to give James a fatal blow no matter how hard he tried.

On the other hand, James managed to inflict wounds and damage on Horus now and again during his ambush attempts. Gradually, Horus’ physical condition was not much different from James’.

At a glance, it appeared Horus had the upper hand in the battle. James seemingly was only able to last this long as he continued to wield the Blithe Omniscience.

Meanwhile, Clotilde had been watching what was happening in the arena all this time, and she mentally noted down all of James’ signature skills.

The battle analysts from the Yefteros were also studying and taking records of James’ skills and abilities to figure out a way to defeat him.

At this point, Clotilde had concluded that Horus would not be able to win the battle even though he was technically more powerful than James. Horus would lose if he could not end the battle any time soon.

Just like Clotilde had predicted, Horus was exterminated as the battle entered its third month. James managed to ambush and finish off Horus, who had reached his limit.

Even though it took James a lot of time and effort to win the match, he was nonetheless pleased with the results.


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