The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5321

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5321-James could sense Bareilly was only at the peak of the Petit Celestial Rank.

However, his heart palpitated at the sight of Bareilly’s sword.

As soon as the betting session began, the Yefteros placed their bets before the other powerhouses could even react.

“I knew it.”

“The Yefteros placed huge bets on Bareilly. They must be confident in eliminating Forty-nine.”

“Tsk. Forty-nine is only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s early stage but is taking on an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak. Even if he loses, his name will spread wide and far in the Dark World.

“As long as he isn’t stubborn and surrenders in time, I’m willing to recruit him into our race.”

“Don’t even think about it. He was brought here by the Taeyton Race’s Leader, Latrusse. You won’t have a chance to recruit him.”

The spectators were discussing amongst themselves.

Latrusse’s brows furrowed. He turned to Lemuel and asked, ” Will Forty-nine be able to fight Bareilly?

Lemuel asked, “Is Lemuel strong?” i Latrusse nodded and said, “He’s quite strong and has mastered a lot of Supernatural Powers. His weapon is also exceptional. I doubt he has ever lost against someone at the Petit Celestial Rank before. Moreover, he is a powerhouse that can pull off inter-rank battles. He can fight a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank, even at his current rank. With his weapon, he even stands a chance against someone at the Great Celestial Rank’s middle or later stage.”

Lemuel said calmly, “So you’re saying Forty-nine is practically fighting an opponent with the strength of the Great Celestial Rank?”

Latrusse asked, surprised, “Judging by your expression, you have a lot of confidence in him?”

“Haha.” Lemuel chuckled. After witnessing James defeat a powerhouse at the early stage of the Great Celestial Rank while only at the Sovereign Third Rank’s early stage, Lemuel naturally had a lot of confidence in James. Now that James had entered the Sovereign Sixth Rank, James could fight Bareilly even without the Feimsurge Art. Moreover, James was an extraordinary figure in his previous life and had cultivated the Genesis Path Scripture.

“I should be able to see Supernatural Powers from the Genesis Path Scripture,”

Lemuel muttered. He was looking forward to James’ battle and the amount of treasures he would win. After all, the treasures and unique materials in the prize pool should be enough for James to reach the Holy Celestial Rank and enhance his physical body.

The betting session was over pretty soon.

In the arena, Bareilly put his hand behind him and looked at James calmly.

Although James knew his opponent was powerful, he was more concerned about the prize pool. He glanced over and smiled satisfiedly after verifying the amount of treasures. It was time to display his true strength.

James summoned the Supremusse Sword from the prize pool. The sword quickly flew over to him. He grabbed the sword, and his confidence instantly grew.

James’ battle gained a lot of attention because it was rare for someone at the Sovereign Sixth Rank to fight against an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak. It was even more interesting because James’ opponent was a famous powerhouse from the Yefteros. As a result, the other arenas in the collapsible space were temporarily closed.

The news about the battle had spread like wildfire.

“An impressive challenger has appeared in the Yefteros’ arena.”

“He is only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s early stage, but he had forced the Yefteros to send out Bareilly, a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank.”

“Is the challenger really that strong?”

“Let’s go watch!” After learning of the news, many powerhouses rushed to the Yefteros’ arena.


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