The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5323

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5323-The Supremusse Sword and Barelit Sword locked momentarily. The two powerful forces intertwined and caused an explosion.


A powerful shock wave burst out and permeated the area.

James was blasted away by the force and lost his balance.

Bareilly quickly seized the opportunity to attack. He appeared before James in the blink of an eye and slashed out his sword.

James cast the Blithe Omniscience and avoided the attack. However, the Yefteros had already devised a way to counterattack the Blithe Omniscience.

Bareilly disappeared right after James.

When James appeared in the distance, the Barelit Sword followed him and penetrated his body. Immediately afterward, a few Sword Energies exploded in him and obliterated the left side of his torso.

“His Sword Path is amazing.” James was startled.

James was very cautious in the fight. He quickly mobilized the Life Path, and a powerful vitality flowed through his body to regenerate his flesh. Then, he activated the Feimsurge Art. His body, soul, blood, strength, and aura were enhanced significantly.

James’ aura had reached the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak, and his strength was at the Petit Celestial Rank’s later stage.

“What the…” Bareilly murmured in shock after sensing James ‘ improved strength.

“I didn’t expect you to have mastered such impressive Supernatural Power.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough.”

“It’s more than enough to kill you.” James remained expressionless.

Bareilly did not want to waste time with words. He leaped into the air with his sword. At that moment, his aura began to transform, and strange energy emitted from his body.

A dazzling Sword Light burst out from the Barelit Sword and soared like a giant dragon into the sky.

“It’s the Absolute Sword Art.”

“Bareilly is going all out.”

“With the Barelit Sword and Absolute Sword Art, Bareilly can kill a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank’s late stage.”

“If Forty-nine can survive the attack, he would win this battle.”

The spectators outside watched the arena nervously.

James felt a potent pressure crushing down on him even though he had activated the Feimsurge Art. His body began to show signs of perishing under the intense pressure.

Despite his disadvantage, James was not afraid. He leaped into the air and raised the Supremusse Sword. Countless Genesis Powers emerged from the Supremusse Sword and formed blinding Sword Energies.

“What’s this?”

“Are those Genesis Powers from the planes?”

“I heard the Supremusse Sword was crafted by a powerhouse from one of the planes. The sword contains the Genesis Powers of countless planes. Even the current Lord Supremus, Quirijn, could not exert its true strength. Yet, Forty -nine can.”

Countless powerhouses were shocked.

However, James was not done yet.

After the Genesis Powers emerged, they were pulled together by a potent force and became a terrifying Sword Path.

“What the…”


“He merged the Genesis Powers into a Sword Path. His Sword Path is superior to the Absolute Sword Art.”

“Bareilly is in danger.”

The powerhouses immediately sensed that James’ Supreme Sword Path was stronger than Bareilly’s Absolute Sword Art.


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