The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5324

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5324-The spectators could see that James’ Sword Path was superior.

Clotilde, who was watching from the main auditorium, raised an eyebrow.

Bareilly sensed the mighty force from James’ Sword Path, and veins bulged on his face. At that moment, his whole body’s strength began circulating vigorously and integrated with his Sword Path. Then, he pointed his sword forward and said, “Go.”

Bareilly terrifying Sword Path Energy permeated the air.

James quickly cast the Genesis Sword Art and unleashed a powerful Sword Energy.


The two powerful forces clashed.

Bareilly’s Sword Energy was shattered. Immediately afterward, he was surrounded by James Sword Energy.

Bareilly raised his hand to resist the potent force.


The Barelit Sword was destroyed.

Bareilly’s flesh and soul could not withstand the force and were continuously injured.

After unleashing all his power, Bareilly was out of fuel. With his physical strength alone, it was impossible to block James’ attack. His body exploded, and his soul was obliterated in an instant.

Even though James’ Sword Path was victorious, the lingering force of Bareilly’s attack had inflicted some damage on James’ body. His body looked as if it was sliced a few thousand times, and he was covered in injuries.

Fortunately, his wounds were not fatal.

“No way…”

“Bareilly lost so easily.”

“The Yefteros trained him to fight in the arena. He is at the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak, and his opponent is only at the Sovereign Sixth Rank’s early stage.”

“F-Forty-nine is too strong.”

The spectators were shocked by the battle’s outcome and marveled at James’ strength. Nobody expected Bareilly to have been defeated so easily.

“A cultivator at the Sovereign Sixth Rank killing a powerhouse at the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak. Such marvelous achievement hasn’t been seen in the Primevals for long, right?”

James slowly descended from the sky and landed firmly on the ground.

Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He quickly inserted his sword into the ground to prevent himself from falling. After a while, he straightened up. Then, he wiped the blood off his lips and smirked.

Latrusse praised him, saying, “He exceeded my expectations. Not bad. He has great potential. If he continues improving, he’ll gain a foothold in the Dark World.”

Lemuel agreed, “He’s indeed strong. However, he’s already at his limit. He used the Supremusse Sword to cast the Thousand Genesis Path Body and activated the Feimsurge Art to defeat the Yefteros’ powerhouse.

“Huff!” Clotilde took a deep breath. After Bareilly was killed, she knew the Yefteros had suffered a considerable loss. The Yefteros had not lost so many treasures in a long time. She was not sure how to explain the situation to the Yefteros’ Leader.

“He won a huge prize pool.” 2 “Tsk, tsk. I’m satisfied to see the Yefteros lose so much.” 3


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