The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5322

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5322-Many creatures approached Yefteros’ arena to spectate the battle.

James stood in the arena with the Supremusse Sword. He could feel the power of the sword, and his confidence skyrocketed.

Bareilly stood with his hands behind him as his aura gradually grew stronger.

Although he was only at the peak of the Petit Celestial Rank, he was gifted.

Moreover, he was equipped with a sword the Yefteros had specially crafted for him. It gave him the confidence to kill even an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank.


The referee appeared in the arena. She looked at James expressionlessly and said, “The rules of this battle remain the same. You may choose to concede defeat. However, you’ll lose everything in the prize pool.”

James sneered, “How can I surrender when I’ve already earned so many treasures?”

“You may start!” After the referee announced the beginning of the fight, she disappeared from the arena.

Bareilly stood motionlessly in the arena, and so did James.

James gripped tightly on the Supremusse Sword. He knew Bareilly was a tough opponent and that he would have to go all out.

Suddenly, James summoned his Martial Path Power and Spiritual Power. His flesh, soul, and blood released potent forces. Then, he followed up with the Defying Heavens Art.

In the previous battle, James had already used the Defying Heavens Art. While resting, he took the opportunity to replenish the power in his body’s microcosm.

James’ aura improved significantly with the blessing of various Supernatural Powers.

“Are you ready? I’m about to take action,” said Bareilly.

“Go ahead.” James pointed his sword at Bareilly.


Bareilly unsheathed his sword and leaped into the air. His aura improved once again after he wielded the sword.

The sword was about two meters long. It had a polished and shiny white blade, with a few mysterious inscriptions carved onto it.

“That’s the Barelit Sword.” “Although Bareilly is only at the Petit Celestial Rank’s peak, his self-made Sword Path, the Absolute Sword Art, is terrifying. His combat power is insane when his Absolute Sword Art is combined with the Barelit Sword.”

“He can even kill a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank’s late stage with just one blow.”

“That being said, he’d be completely drained of his energy with just one blow and become vulnerable.”

“One blow should be more than enough.”

“I agree. I don’t believe Forty-nine will be able to withstand an attack from Bareilly.

The audience outside the arena grew bigger. Even though they could no longer place bets, the powerhouses were excited to watch the battle.

In the arena, Bareilly held the Barelit Sword and emitted a powerful aura. He pointed his sword forward, and potent Sword Energies permeated the air.

These Sword Energies contained an extraordinary power that oozed with the aura of death. Just one of the Sword Energy could easily kill a powerhouse at the peak of the Petit Celestial Rank.

Bareilly mobilized all his strength, showing no mercy to James.

As soon as the Sword Energy appeared in the area, James could sense how powerful it was. However, he was confident in parrying the attack with the Supremusse Sword.

James immediately charged forth with the Supremusse Sword. He flickered throughout the arena and quickly destroyed the thousands of Sword Energies.

Then, he appeared before Bareilly and slashed the Supremusse Sword out.

Bareilly raised his sword to block the attack.


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