The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546

William asked straight to the point once he saw Sean.

Sean nodded and said, “Yes, Commander Lupin and I have met at Martyrs’ Memorial Garden today. What’s the matter? Do you have an opinion on that?”

“Of course not… I’ve only come to you to explain that I was already planning to introduce you to Commander Lupin. But I didn’t think you’d coincidentally meet him in Martyrs’ Memorial Garden today.”

Awkwardness came over William’s face.

“Thank you very much, Old Master Collins.”

Sean said indifferently.

Although he thanked him, Sean’s expression was indifferent. There was no sense of gratitude.

William knew Sean was giving him a hard time, of course. He was also difficult at the time. Besides, he did so much worse than Sean did!

Sean did not say anything sarcastic or add to his misfortune, which was already pretty good!

“Sean, I know you’re bitter about what happened back then, but you should know that I may have a history with your adoptive father, but I’m also the patriarch of the Collins family. I have to think about what’s best for the Collins family. That’s why I didn’t immediately agree to your request when you came to Joules Town…”

William explained with a smile, but Sean cut him off.

“What’s the use of saying these now? It’s getting late. Old Master Collins, you and your precious son should go home and get some rest.”

Sean said coldly.

Hearing this, William’s expression became infinitely awkward.

Jacob, who was standing aside, had a ghastly expression.

However, neither William nor Jacob could convince Sean now.

It was because the Collins family did not give Sean any help when he needed it most, and now Sean did not need the Collins family anymore.

On top of that, Sean’s capability and influence now were far beyond the Collins family!

With Lennon Group and the Lathan family of Joules Town as his super foreign aids, no affluent families in Joules Town had the strength and qualifications to oppose Sean!

Not even the Collins family!

“Sean, I apologize.”

After some hesitation, William eventually lowered his head and said slowly with a long sigh. His tone was solemn.

Sean still sat in his chair without looking up.

“I was wrong before. I’m senile. Sean, since I was old friends with your adoptive father, can you forgive me this time?”

William said in dismay.

If he had been a little nicer when Sean first came to Joules Town and visited the Collins family, he would not need to apologize so humbly to Sean now!

However, regret was pointless!

“The Collins family isn’t your enemy no matter what. If you need help in the future, we can still help you in some way… So let’s not make this any worse, Sean…”

William’s words finally had some effect.

Sean looked up at William, got up from his chair, and helped the 60-year-old man to a seat.

“What you said is too serious. After all, you and my adoptive father were friends. How could I possibly go too far with you? I won’t give the Collins family a hard time, but I hope the Collins family won’t give me a hard time either. We can help and support each other if we’re in trouble.”

Sean said with a smile.

William was relieved to hear this.

He knew Sean had moved on and was no longer hostile toward the Collins family.

Jacob finally sighed in relief. His heart finally found its peace.

Half an hour later, William left Queen Children’s Orphanage with Jacob.

William sighed and felt sad in the car.

“It seems that I’m really old and senile… Jacob, I will gradually hand over the Collins family to you. You and your elder brother will take over the Collins family together. Remember not to offend Sean again. This boy is no ordinary man.”


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