I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1754

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1754-[Host: David Lidell 

(Balance: 9985701990000000 Star Dollars 

[Body: Pre-Saint level 6 (You may upgrade one level using 10000 lavish points) 

[Mind: Sovereign level 10 (You may upgrade using 100000 lavish points) 

[Combat: Saint Realm beginner Pre-Saint Rank 

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique ( Perfection) 

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection) 

[Lavish Points: 900] 

Indeed, his combat power had reached beginner Pre-Saint Rank 

If he wanted to continue upgrading, he would need to upgrade his mind power to Pre-Saint Rank. 

According to the system’s new rules, his Mind and Body had to progress simultaneously and not be too far apart. 

If not, his Body would not be upgraded. 

David let out a sigh of relief when his combat power got to Pre-Saint Rank. 

Currently, he had the power to protect himself in this foreign Star Kingdom, and he would not need to be scared of everything. 

When David was wondering how to speed things up, the mind power he released detected someone approaching him. 

‘Alba and Valerio? Why are they here? Didn’t we just part ways not long ago? David wondered on the inside. 

However, even though he was curious, he quickly retracted his mind power and waited for the two to arrive. 

Luckily, David had finished breaking through. 

If they were slightly earlier and ran into him breaking through to Saint Realm, it would be a little troublesome. 

Valerio followed behind Alba. 

When the two were about to reach David’s place, Valerio let out a curious sound. 

Then, he stopped in his tracks. 

Alba could sense Valerio’s changes, so she turned and asked curiously, “What’s wrong, Grandpa Val? Is something wrong?” 

“Nothing, let’s continue. David should already know we’re coming.” Valerio said. 

“He knows? How?” 

“I detected some mind power around here and it’s mostly coming from David, so I think he knows we’re here.” 

‘Mind power?” 

Alba did not think much about it and continued walking. 

Since David could kill the beginner Sovereign Rankers, it was normal for him to have mind power. 

Some of those talented geniuses in Star Kingdom would have mind power when they were only at beginner Sovereign Rank. 

David was at least a mid- or late Sovereign Ranker, so it would not be strange for him to have mind power. 

Valerio continued following behind Alba. 

At this moment, he was not calm at all. 

It was because the glimpse of mind power be detected just now was so strong that it scared him. 

‘If this was from David, how strong would he be? 

‘Perhaps this kid does have a Sacred Saint master.’ 

If not, Valerio did not know what kind of person could cultivate such an excellent disciple like David. 

Right now, he was impatient to see David again so he could confirm his identity. 

This was related to what the Fellowes family would do next. 

Would they throw caution to the wind and gamble on this, or choose to struggle on whilst at death’s door and then let the Palmore family devour them? 

If they chose to gamble, Valerio needed a reason to convince the head of the family and the grandmasters. 

A Sacred Saint hiding in the dark of Star Kingdom would be enough. 

The core, seniors, and grandmasters of the family would understand. 

If they did not fight back, they would only die. 

However, if they fought back, they would have a chance. Of course, they might also just die faster. 


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