I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1753

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1753-As Alba brought Valerio to where David stayed, David had already finished breaking through. 

He was feeling the Saint power coursing through his body. It felt endless. 

‘What feeling is this?’ 

David had never felt like this before. 

Any casual gesture from him felt like it had the power to destroy the universe. ‘Is this how it feels to be a Saint? 

‘How powerful! 

‘I feel so much more powerful than when I was an Eternal. 

‘There’s no comparison between the two. 

‘Even partial Saints are so small in front of a Saint.’ 

David felt glad that he survived in the hands of Nek, the Pre-Saint, when he was in the Iridescent Sect. 

How fortunate. 

At the same time, David was also scared. 

If Nek did not insist on crushing his skull and instead wanted to attack another part of his body, David would surely have died. 

The mortal body could not handle the attack of a Saint. 

As long as Nek inserted some Saint power into David’s body, his body would crumble immediately. 

David reached out his right hand and clenched his fist. Even the space around it started to shake like it was scared. 

He figured if he punched forward, he might penetrate the Central Sacred Continent. 

“Saint Realm is so powerful,” David muttered to himself. 

After such a long period of hard work and preparation, he finally climbed to the top of the Star Kingdom’s 

ladder-Saint Realm. 

Even though there were True Saints and Sacred Saints above him, this would not affect how strong a Pre- 

Saint was. 

Any force with a Saint in Star Kingdom was already an overlord. 

David had already joined them, so he had the qualification to build his own force of this level. 

He curled his lips, showing a smirk. 

David said sinisterly, “Nek, you scoundrel, just wait for me. Soon, I will take your wretched life. The biggest mistake you made in your life is not killing me back then Too bad, you don’t have the chance to 

feel regret anymore. This misstep will bring annihilation to your entire family. I want to know what 

expression you will have when I step on the ruins of your family home.” 

Nek was David’s first target. 

However, being a Pre-Saint was still not enough. 

After all, Nek was also a Pre-Saint. 

David knew even if he used his mind power and the Evil-Splitting Sword, it would be hard to kill Nek even 

if he could beat him. 

He would not make the same mistake as Nek. 

Since they were enemies who would fight until their last breath, David would not give Nek any chance to survive. The best way to take care of him would be to kill him in one go. 

Therefore, David needed to make a lot of preparations. 

Next, he needed to speed up his cooperation with Alba. 

How would one person spend money as quickly as a trading company? 

He could only come across such things serendipitously. Moreover, he also needed to have the right time and favorable geographical and social conditions to do this. 

If Archimedes did not raise the price wildly and if the God of Thunder Hammer was not extremely valuable, David would not be able to spend so much money in one go. 

Initially, his goal was to spend 1.2 trillion Star Dollars and get to partial Saint. 

In the end, it went beyond his expectations. 

He skipped partial Saint Realm and directly became a Saint. 

It might be a little hard for him to get a chance like this in the future. 

Therefore, he had to focus on the trading company. 

This would be the most dependable and fastest way to spend money. 

After he calmed himself down, David opened the system panel to check his stats. 


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