I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1752

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1752-the Fellowes family collapsed, the Palmore family would take over Treasure Trove. 

Facing such a behemoth, the Lightfoot family would not get any benefits even if they had the Ginger family as support 

“Alba, are you sure David had a first-rate Soulbound Weapon with him?” Valerio asked seriously. 

“Yes, Grandpa Val You should know that I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to weapons. I’ve seen more than one high-level Soulbound Weapons and they are all nothing compared to the one David had. Even from afar, I can feel the sharpness of the sword Plus, the first-rate Soulbound Weapon is in the wooden sheath on David’s back. You can take a look at it if you have the chance,” Alba answered. 

“Let’s put this aside first I’ll find time to look into it Alba, you said that David killed Cornelius, the second- in-line heir of the Lightfoot family, to save you So, it means he’s in a very hostile relationship with the Lightfoot family No wonder he’s not showing Archimedes any respect at all.” 

“Yeah! Grandpa Val, if it were not for David, I would have been asked to board that rascal Cornelius’ ship. If that happened, he would add fuel to the fire and spread the rumors. Anders and his family will surely not endure that kind of humiliation If that happens, our family will be in an even worse predicament.” 

“Alba, I’ll ask you one last question.” 


“Even if you’re telling the truth, how can you be sure that David and his Sacred Saint master will help us to resist the Pamore family?” 

This was the most important thing 

In addition, it was also the one thing Valerio cared about the most. 

All of the Sacred Saints in Star Kingdom surely knew each other. 

Therefore, it would be impossible to for a new face show up all of a sudden. 

Since they knew each other, would David’s master offend the Palmore family’s Sacred Saint for the sake of Fellowes family? 

Valerio figured this was a little impossible. 

Alba recomposed her thoughts and answered in a deep voice, “Grandpa Val, I’m not 100% confident, but I have an agreement with David As long as this agreement is fulfilled, I believe he will help us. Plus, this is the only chance we have in so many years. We finally met a Sacred Saint, so if we don’t gamble on this, I won’t be reconciled Our family will slowly be devoured by the Palmore family and die out. If that happens, we won’t even have another chance anymore even if we want to gamble.” 

Valerio was silent after he heard what Alba said. 

What Alba said just now was replaying in his brain. 

If they gambled, they might still have a chance. 

If they did not, they could only watch their family get devoured by the Palmore family and die out. 

How would Valerio not know the Palmore family’s plan? 

They wanted to devour Treasure Trove, a cash cow, so that it would provide the Palmore family with endless wealth and resources for cultivation. Then, it would allow the Palmore family to grow rapidly. 

This multiple-choice question did not seem difficult, but one needed a certain level of courage to answer 

After all, the Palmore family was one of the six top forces of Star Kingdom. 

If they were not careful, their family would be consigned to eternal damnation. 

After a long period of contemplation, Valerio finally made up his mind. 

Treasure Trove was the result of countless generations of the Fellowes family. 

They went through so many hardships and difficulties to get to where they were now. 

Therefore, they could not let the Palmore family take this away from them so easily. 

After thinking about it, Valerio stood up and, said to Alba, “Alba, come with me.” 

Before Alba could answer, Valerio walked in front of her. 

“Grandpa Val, where are we going?” Alba stood up quickly and asked. 

“Let’s go find David. I need to confirm some things.” 

“Alright. Come with me, Grandpa Val, I know where he stays.” 

The two walked out of the room and headed to David’s room. At this moment, David had just finished breaking through. 


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