The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1013

Ronald Johansson was dead. His death didn’t deserve pity.
In fact, when he coveted Aunt Rockefeller’s beauty the day before and wanted to steal her away on the spot, his fate had already been decided.
How could Aunt Rockefeller let him go?
Meanwhile, Danial and Krystal, who saw their son killed before their very eyes, were about to go crazy. They hugged Ronald and cried out loudly.
“All the Golden Dragon Warriors, listen up. Kill this scumbag!”
“Also, kill every single person in this villa. To hell with all of them!” Danial shouted in anger, completely disregarding everything else.
His only son was dead.
He now only had one thought in his mind, destruction. He wanted to destroy everything. It’d be best if the entire world were to be destroyed.
As for the Johansson family, as well as his father, he couldn’t care less about them.
That’s because he was the kind of person who put his son before everything. Nothing else mattered.
When the remaining four hundred or so Golden Dragon Warriors heard Danial’s loud command, they all fell silent. Alex’s previous killing method was too terrifying, and it had left them with a great psychological trauma. Many of them didn’t want to get themselves killed… However, there were also some who weren’t afraid of dying, especially those zealots who had been favored and brainwashed by the Johansson family.
“Brothers, let’s kill these people and avenge Young Master Ronald!” Someone shouted.
Once someone took the lead, others followed.
Soon, more than four hundred Golden Dragon Warriors all started to charge into the villa like a golden stream.
At that moment, Fanny finally recollected himself.
“Stop! Stop right now!” Fanny yelled angrily.
However, it was far too late when he came back to his senses.
By then, the Golden Dragon Warriors’ emotions had already been completely incited. Close to half of them already thought of death as their homecoming, and they were willing to lead the others to die together.
Besides, these people were all brainwashed by the Johansson family in various ways since they were young.
“Kill them!”
No one even noticed Fanny trying to stop them.
Alex’s gaze turned cold. With his head held high, the spiritual power in his body soared, and his hands were covered with thunderous might.
However, someone acted even faster than him.
It was Aunt Rockefeller!
The unsophiscated, ancient and large golden bow once again appeared in her hands. The bow was bent and an arrow fit onto it. Spiritual power permeated the surface of the arrow with golden feather, with surging killing intent.
The spiritual power even seemed to have condensed into a phoenix’s shadow.
The Duncan siblings and Timothy Summers, who were ordinary people, were all stunned by such a mighty sight. In other words, they had been scared silly.
“Go forth!” Aunt Rockefeller yelled softly just as she was about to release the peerless arrow.
The shadow of the golden phoenix on the large bow even looked up to the sky and howled.
However, right then, a loud roar could be heard from the sky. “Stop!”
The voice rumbled like thunder.
However, inner force experts could sense that the sound was like a cannonball being projected from a distance. It only burst suddenly after getting close.
However, the sound remained extremely impactful.
“Voice of a Thousand Miles?” Aunt Rockefeller’s heart stirred.
However, she had already released her hand that drew the bow. The golden arrow with the strong killing intent of a golden phoenix was shot out forcefully, aiming directly at the Golden Dragon Warriors.
“It’s someone from Divine Constabulary!” Alex was able to see a helicopter in the distance.
Alex knew very well that his aunt’s arrow would wipe out everyone that it came into contact with, and half of these martial artists from the Johansson family would die from the impact.
In the end, Alex couldn’t bear watching it happen.
He kicked the golden arrow forcefully, tilting the golden arrow’s angle of motion upward.


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