The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916 Daisie’s every move was under scrutiny by the media, and she knew how inconvenient it was to be apublic figure.

Since Nollace wasn’t part of the industry, she feared it would affect him.

Freyja smiled.

“You’re thinking about your husband after your ROM.” She blushed.

“He’s my husband.

Naturally, I have to protect him.” Something came to her mind, so she turned to look at Freyja.

“How’s it going with Colton?” Freyja froze, then looked out the window.

“Who knows…” “What do you mean? Colton likes you, and you feel the same too.

Isn’t that great?” “It’s not as simple as that.” Freyja lowered her gaze.” Daisie, can we keep my relationshipwith Colton secret from your family?” Daisie paused and stared at her.

She then leaned back in her seat.

“Are you worried that my family may be against it?” Freyja looked around.

“That’s not the reason…” Even if the Goldmanns accepted her, how long would their relationship last? lithe relationship was complicated to begin with, would it even end in marriage? Colton had always been far out of reach and wouldn’t clarify things.

Freyja had to keep guessing, and she was tired of it.

He wouldn’t bow down to her, and she wouldn’t do the same or back down, so he would eventually be tired too.

They would end up arguing a lot.

He could have made things clear, but he would always make it cynical.

It made her feel like she was the one who was chasing him, and that didn’t makeher feel good.

Daisie sighed.

“Colton’s only flaws are his mouth and his ego.” Freyja chuckled.

“He really has a huge ego.”


Aren’t you looking for a house? I have a villa with a view of the sea.” Freyjawas surprised.

“Villa? Wouldn’t that be expensive then? I don’t think I can afford the rent.”

Daisie smiled and explained , “That villa was where welived with my mom when we were children.

After she got together with my dad, they sold it.

She bought it back now, and it’s vacant.

I could rent it to you at a lower price.

$250 per month, how about that?” Given their relationship, Daisie could not charge her anything and just let her stay there.

But she knew Freyja well enough to know that she wouldn’t stay if she didn’t have to pay.

$250 for a villa was a steal.

The rental for a fully furnished unit in that area would cost around $750.

Freyja looked at her.

“You’re undercharging me, aren’t you?” Daisie waved her hand and said, “Pay whatever you want then, alright?” Freyja smiled.

“Let’s make it $300.

I don’t want it to be too low.” Daisie brought her to the Seaview Villa.

She hadn’t been back here for a dozen years, and a lot had changed.

The furniture that was covered with white covering was mostly still new.

Freyja set down her luggage and looked around the living room.

“You used to live here?” “Yes, this was where Mom and we were staying.” Daisie opened the windows for better ventilation and walked to the backyard.

The bench and plans were still there but hadn’t been pruned after all those years.

The plants were overgrown, and the bench was rusted.

Freyja pulled the covering away, and an old piano was revealed.


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