The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1014

The angle tilted upward by approximately thirty degrees.
At this moment, the entire space in the front yard of the villa seemed to be sealed in place. Hundreds of warriors in golden battle armors were completely suppressed by the light. Each one of them could only see the golden phoenix and hear the explosions that broke the sound barrier.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
The dozens of Golden Dragon Warriors who rushed to the forefront were instantly crushed to death by the enormous power of the golden arrow that passed by at a low altitude.
On the other hand, the martial artists behind them managed to survive.
The golden arrow that tilted upward finally passed through the eaves of a villa’s attic. However, the villa was blown up. The might of that arrow was simply incredible.
Numerous broken stones and tiles smashed onto the ground, causing many people’s jaws to drop. Fortunately, nobody lived in that villa. Otherwise, the consequence would’ve been severe.
The helicopter arrived on top of the villa.
A few people jumped down from the helicopter. They were none other than Sky Melvis, Anna Coleman, Ted Summers and the others from Divine Constabulary.
There was another middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura among them. His body was covered fully by inner force, and his cultivation far exceeded Sky. He was at least at Advanced-Earth rank.
The loud roar earlier probably came from this person.
As these people personally witnessed the grandeur of that arrow as well as the multitude of corpses on the ground, they could not help but feel a numbness in their scalps.
“Second Uncle!” Timothy yelled. At first, he was kneeling on the ground. But after seeing Ted, he wanted to stand up immediately.
However, Ted yelled coldly at him right away. “Who said you could stand up? Continue kneeling! You can only stand up when Mr. Rockefeller says so. If he doesn’t grant you the permission to do so, you’ll have to kneel here until you die.”
Timothy had a stunned expression on his face. He couldn’t believe that his second uncle had said those words.
However, Ted ignored Timothy after finishing his sentence.
Anna was the first to speak after that. “Alex, this… What on earth happened here? How could there be such a huge ruckus here? What do these hundreds of martial artists from the Johansson family want?”
“Of course, they’re not here for a meal. They came to annihilate my family,” Alex said.
“They even wanted us to kneel in a line and wait for our turn to be exterminated,” Waltz Fleur next to Alex added.
At this moment, the middle-aged Earth ranked martial artist, who came along with the rest, was furious. “What is the Johansson family up to? Are they trying to rebel? How dare they annihilate someone’s family under broad daylight? They even wanted to annihilate the family of a Divine Constabulary’s elder. They really deserve to die.”
Alex’s eyes glistened. He wasn’t any sort of elder!
Meanwhile, Danial and Fanny from the Johansson family were both dumbfounded by what they had heard.
Neither of them would’ve guessed that not only Alex with the title of California’s most useless son-in-law had god-like martial arts skills, but he even had such an unfathomable identity.
Timothy’s entire body even trembled violently.
He finally understood why Alex dared to go against the Summers family.
The elder of Divine Constabulary was indeed an existence his father wouldn’t dare to offend.
Noticing Alex’s confusion about the middle-aged man, Sky leaned over and started introducing him to Alex in a whisper. “Mr. Rockefeller, he is one of the Four Great Guardians of Divine Constabulary, Zachary Savier. He’s a half stepped Grandmaster. Last time, when you were troubled by the Coleman family at the Stoermer family’s place, I asked Guardian Xavier to come help. To my surprise, you managed to resolve the issue with your own mighty powers.”
While Sky spoke, Alex caught sight of Zachary’s friendly gaze.
Alex smiled in return and nodded gently.
Right after that, Zachary went straight to the point and spoke, “California’s Johansson family has raised its own private military and secretly possessed many harmful weapons. Not only did these people plot against an elder of Divine Constabulary, they even lost their minds and wanted to annihilate his family. This is an intentional rebellion against the country…”
When Zachary said these things, everyone present was stunned.
Members of the Johansson family were even more dumbfounded.
Zachary continued, “Sky Melvis, this is an order on behalf of Southern California’s Divine Constabulary. Arrest all members of the Johansson family and put them on death row with immediate effect. On top of that, interrogate them!”
Sky cupped one fist with the other hand. “Yes, sir!”
“That’s bullsh*t! Are you blind? The people who died here are all from the Johansson family. Are any of their people hurt? When did the Johansson family conspire against the state? You’re simply making things up and making us seem like the bad people. You’re no different from that Rockefeller scum!” Danial shouted.
“How dare you insult me? Die!” Zachary directly stood up and slapped Danial without hesitation.


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