The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917 “This was for Colton.” Freyja was surprised. She lifted the cover and stared at the keys. “He plays the piano?”

Shewouldn’t have guessed that.

She had been under the impression that Colton had always been a business person and didn’t know about his other interests.

This was a side of him that she never knew about.

Daisie said Colton was very musically talented and even went to the Royal Academy of Music.

He could have become a musician but gave up because he had to take over the family business.

Freyja was shocked.

“That’s such a waste.” “It is, but that was his own choice.” Daisie looked down.

Since Wayion had chosen to train with their great grandfather overseas, Colton had to give up on music.

Even though dreams were important, they had burdens to bear as Goldmanns.

Freyja looked at her and seemed to understand why she wanted to be independent.

It was because of her two brothers.

She had always been pampered at home, but that didn’t make her a spoiled brat.

She probably wanted to be as outstanding as her brothers.

At Blackgold…

Giselle walked to the administrative department with a document.

The people there knew that she was the daughter of Mr.

Peterson, so they were very polite toward her.

She was a gentle person and wasn’t stuck up, so she left a good impression too.


Peterson is such a nice and hardworking person.

Do you think that she will become Mrs.

Goldmann one day?” “Blackgold and Cloud Capital have a stable partnership, and they come from similar backgrounds, so they’re a good match.

It’s highly possible.” The employees chatted and were speculating if she would marry into the family since Colton had let her shadow Leonardo.

She probably had gotten permission to work with the finance department.

Giselle stopped in front of the office, knocked, and entered after getting permission.

She stopped in front of the desk and handed the documents to Colton.

“Here are the documents that Leonardo asked me to collect.

I’ve calculated the commission bonuses for next month.” Colton took them and skimmed through them.

The employees’ bonuses were calculated every quarter by the finance department.

Even though Giselle was learning from Leonardo, she had a knack for numbers, so they let her get involved with financial management too.

Colton didn’t find any problems with them, so he signed the documents.

Giselle looked at him and pressed her lips together.

“I told my father that I’m happy with you, so he asked Mr.

Goldmann for his opinion.

I’m sorry.” Colton replaced the cap of the pen and handed the signed documents back to her.

“It’s an honor, but you’re an outstanding woman.

I’m pretty sure you have a lot more options.” Giselle’s hand froze in midair.

She then looked down and smiled.

“I’m guessing I’m not in your consideration?” She was good at reading subtle signals because of how she was brought up.

What Colton said was pretty much a.


After spending time with him, she still didn’t understand him.

From what people could see, he was very nice toward her, but she knew he was just being polite.


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