The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1018

Aunt Rockefeller grunted softly. “Why should I send her back? She has hands and feet. She could just go back by herself.”
With that, Aunt Rockefeller glanced at Waltz and Daya.
“Since you care so much about her, do you still want to be her son-in-law? I think you can’t cut ties with Dorothy Ass*x in this lifetime.”
“What are you saying? We’ve already gotten a divorce. Do you think we’d get married again?” Alex said.
“It’s hard to say. I wouldn’t know if you’d do it! However, I have to offer you advice. We still don’t know if your father is dead or alive, and we have no idea what the ranks of our hidden enemies are. You ought to have self-discipline! Don’t be dragged down by beautiful women. Otherwise… I won’t forgive you easily,” Aunt Rockefeller said.
With that, Aunt Rockefeller deliberately glanced at Daya.
Daya took a deep breath and stood up. “Auntie, I know you think I’m dragging Rockefeller down, and that I’d only cause him trouble. Don’t worry, I won’t! In five days, I’ll be taking on the Stoermers’ Test of Hell and I’ll return in two years. When the time comes, I definitely won’t be the same as my current self and I could become Alex’s helper,” Daya said.
“Oh? Is that so?” Aunt Rockefeller asked.
“Yes.” Daya nodded.
“Aunt, what Daya said is true. The test she mentioned is extremely difficult. She’s willing to accept this hellish test because of me. You… You shouldn’t keep picking on Daya! She’s not an ordinary girl. Her mental power is a very amazing talent. Even if she hasn’t gone through any cultivation, she’s already a hundred times stronger than other people,” Alex said.
“Is that so? I find it a little hard to believe! I’ll know after testing it out!” Aunt Rockefeller suddenly focused her mental power and hit on Daya’s consciousness.
In the next moment, her facial expression changed and became rather grave.
Five seconds later, sweats appeared on her forehead.
Ten seconds later, her body began to tremble.
Twenty seconds later, Aunt Rockefeller stumbled three steps backward. She only stopped when she knocked against the wall behind her. Her face had turned pale.
Alex quickly held her up and laughed. “What do you think? Do you believe me now? Once she cultivates her spiritual consciousness, she might even be able to kill a Grandmaster in seconds.”
Aunt Rockefeller snorted. “That’s all!”
After saying that, her legs gave away, nearly falling down.
Waltz couldn’t help but laugh. After that, she quickly stopped herself.
However, to everyone’s surprise, Aunt Rockefeller retrieved a bracelet and tossed it over to Daya. “Your mental power indeed is malleable. This is a mystical tool. Coupled with your mental power, you’d be better able to protect yourself. Anyway, I look forward to your achievements in two years.”
After dinner, Alex retreated to the basement and started to concoct pills.
In the past few days, Thousand Miles Conglomerate, the Yowell family, the Stoermer family, and Nathan Pattingson had all delivered medicinal herbs of great value to Alex. Hence, he could go crazy concocting pills.
Alex still felt worried about Daya.
He prepared more than twenty types of pills for her. Apart from pill concoction, he also accelerated his research on the formation blueprint attached to the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six. As long as Alex was able to grasp this thing fully, he was confident that he could create some mystical tools for self defense just like how his father did.
At six o’clock in the evening, Alex headed to Urasawa Restaurant for his appointment.
Zachary Xavier, Sky Melvis, Ted Summers, and several other key members of California’s Divine Constabulary were all there. However, Anna Coleman was nowhere to be seen. Upon asking, it turned out that Anna had left California after being entrusted with transporting the four hundred or so Royal ranked martial artists they had seized from the Johansson family earlier.
The meal went on for two hours.
In reality, it was an occasion to drink and bond with each other.
Alex knew clearly in his heart that his performance during the day had thoroughly conquered this guardian from Divine Constabulary. This man now wanted to be associated with Alex directly. Meanwhile, Alex also wanted to find out who in Divine Constabulary was looking for the tomb’s key. Hence, he happily accepted Zachary’s offering of peace.
Throughout the meal, both the host and the guests were happy.
When Zachary left, he gave Alex a piece of talisman. This was also proof of Alex’s promotion as an elder.
At half past eight, Alex saw Zachary and the rest off at Urasawa Restaurant. He was just about to drive his car and return home. To his surprise, he saw someone familiar at the parking lot: it was none other than Cheryl Coney’s best friend, Phoebe Larsen!
‘Why is she still in California?’ Alex thought.
Just as he was still thinking if he should go and greet her, a group of masked men suddenly appeared from one side and rushed over to Phoebe. They covered her head with a piece of black cloth. Before she could scream, they dragged her into a van. The van’s engine was turned on, and it quickly sped outside.


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